My LOs enjoyed making some ornaments for our tree last year and i love to see them on the tree this year. Now, they have their own christmas tree and love decorating it. This Star Ornament is perfect for it, super easy to make, looks cute when done and is a great for building fine motor skills.

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What you need

  • Pipecleaner
  • Pony Beads (we used clear ones)
  • Twine

How to

Let your LOs thread the beads onto the pipecleaner. A(4) & D(3) did this patiently. A even counted the number of beads (was totally her idea – guess its the impact of doing similar math activities). Once they were done, i twisted the ends together and bend it into star shape. Then used a hemp cord, made a knot and gave it to them. They happily put it up on their tree.

You could bend the pipecleaner into star shape before you thread the beads for a perfect shape, because it was a lil tricky to get a good shape after. It takes approx. 45 beads and one pipecleaner to make one star ornament.

Originally posted at DIY Unlimited Fun