My LOs favourite song this season is Reindeer Hokey Pokey(A’s class performed for this in school winter assembly this Tuesday) & Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. They sing this everyday and have to watch it atleast once before bedtime. So, we decided to make a reindeer craft last evening. This Reindeer Ornament is easy to make – takes less than 5 mins and kids love it.

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What you need

  • 3 popsicle sticks
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 red pompom
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

How to

  • Glue 2 popsicle sticks together at one end to make a V.
  • Glue the third popsicle stick perpendicular to the V shape about one inch from the ends.
  • Glue the red pompom on the end of the triangle – reindeers nose.
  • Glue two googly eyes to either side of the craft sticks forming the reindeer’s face.
  • Cut a small piece of ribbon or jewellery thread, form a loop, and glue to the back of the craft sticks to hang the ornament.

Miss A(4) & Miss D(3) loved making this ornament. I showed them where to glue the sticks, pompoms and eyes and they did it all by themselves. I let it dry overnight and the girls put it up on their tree before they left for school this morning. 😀

Originally posted at DIY Unlimited Fun