I guess we are in full christmas mode right now. We made another ornament yesterday evening. Thats three in a row. Well A insisted we had to do one more and i couldn’t think of a more easy ornament to make than this Jingle Bell Wreath.

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What you need

  • Jingle Bells (we used gold & silver bells)
  • Pipecleaner (we used silver sparkle)

How to

  • Miss A(4) and Miss D(3) threaded the jingle bells to the pipecleaner. It does take some fine motor skills to slide the pipecleaner through the top of the bell.
  • A alternated gold and silver – when done, looked gold on one side and silver on the other). D liked to finish silver first then gold – when done looked half gold and half silver). I liked the way both looked.
  • Leave some space at the ends of the pipecleaner.
  • Once done, bend the pipecleaner to make a circle and twist ends to secure.
  • Make a loop with another pipecleaner and hot glue it to the wreath. You could also use a ribbon or jewellery cord for this.

This looks absolutely beautiful on the tree and my kids loved shaking it to hear the bell sound. Very Christmasy!!

Originally posted at DIY Unlimited Fun