This homemade articulated grabber is a brilliant STEM Challenge or STEM project, that works brilliantly and is easy to construct as well!

We cut up a shoe box to make ours as the cardboard does need to be quite sturdy, but you can use whatever you have handy.

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Image promoting an articulated grabber STEM Challenge

You’ll need

Cardboard Strips

Split pins


Double sided tape

Sharp pencil

Pom Poms – optional

Articulated Grabber Materials - cardboard strips, pom poms and split pins

How to make an articulated grabber

Step 1

Cut out the pieces so you have the same amount as in the photo above. Carefully use a sharp pencil to create holes as shown ( ask an adult to help ).

Use double sided tape to attach the shorter pieces to the top of two longer pieces.


Long pieces are 22.5 cm x 3 cm

Short end pieces 6.5cm x 3cm

Step 2

Attach two long cardboard pieces together with a split pin as shown.

Image of step 1 of creating an articulated grabber for a STEM challenge

Step 3

Add two more pieces of card as below. Check the split pins are loose enough to allow some movement.

step 2 of making an articulated grabber

Step 4

Keep going!!

step 4 of making an articulated grabber

Step 5

Add the final two pieces and your grabber is ready to use!

Step 5 of making an articulated grabber for a STEM challenge
Articulated grabber – ready to use

Step 6

What can you grab?

Homemade articulated grabber made from cardboard

Extra challenges

Can you make a longer grabber? Or a mini grabber?

More STEM Challenges using Cardboard

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Image of an articulated grabber made as a STEM Challenge
Articulated Grabber

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