Welcome to our Halloween density demonstration. Density is actually a very cool concept to explore and leads to lots of fun, creative science opportunities too.

What do you think of our creepy liquid layers?

Density tower made with different layered liquids with a Halloween theme.

What you need to make a density tower

Golden Syrup
Food colouring
Vegetable Oil
Small items to test for floating

Density Tower Instructions

Pour each liquid into the glass slowly starting with the treacle, then the golden syrup, followed by the water with added food colouring and finally the vegetable oil.

Drop a few small items in and see which layer they float on.

You can in the image above that we have a plastic bug floating on the top, a LEGO brick floating on the water and a paper clip floating on the treacle. Why do they do this?

Layered density jar made with liquids of different densities. Great #Halloween science activity for kids #scienceforkids #HalloweenScience #Halloweencrafts

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Why does a density tower work?

For a full explanation see my floating and density post.

We’d love to see your creepy or even very pretty density creations.

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