CoolToys Build-A-Track Brain Teaser Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8 – Educational Smart Logic Board Game for Children, 4 Levels & 100+ Skill-Building Challenges, Fun Home & Travel Boys & Girls STEM Activity

Price: $24.99

Brand: CoolToys


  • BUILD-A-TRACK FOR KIDS : Build-A-Track is a fun, logic-building puzzle game for children ages 4+. Easy to learn with clear instructions. Choose a challenge, solve by building the track, and pave the bulldozer to the finish!
  • 100+ PUZZLE LEVELS : A brain teaser game with 118 challenges to solve across 4 difficulty levels, keeping young minds engaged, challenged, and having fun! If kids enjoy a ball maze or strategy game, they’ll adore this bulldozer puzzle!
  • TACTILE LEARNING SKILLS : Our puzzle toy helps children learn to distinguish between various objects, shapes, and bright colors. Engages visual perception & observation, hand-eye coordination, and sensory & motor skills.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING + REASONING : Brain teaser puzzles are known to aid in the development of cause-and-effect learning, stimulating creativity and innovative thinking. Fosters intellectual development through memory & planning.
  • STEM GAMES FOR AGES 4 & UP : A creative gift for mechanically inclined kids and future leaders! Inspire the next generation of budding builders, engineers, and architects with Cooltoys puzzle games.

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