The holidays seem to just fly by once Halloween is over. No sooner does November start and the stores are getting out the Christmas merchandise and decorations. When my boys were little, the anticipation of Christmas was an exciting time. So, counting down the days until the 25th became a holiday tradition in my home. The easiest way to track the days is a daily countdown from 1 to 25. To help simplify this, I’ve put together a Christmas Tree advent calendar printable to help the little ones count down the days.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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All you need to do here is print out the Countdown to Christmas Printable with numbers one through twenty-five. I used green printer paper, but you could also print on white printer paper and let your child color in the page.

Get the PDF to Print > Countdown to Christmas Printable

There are many ways to fill in the numbers each day. I’ve included a few examples here:

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Simple Ways to Mark the Calendar

  • If you have a stash of small pompom, glue one in place each day. This gives a nice 3-D, textured look to the Christmas tree.
  • Different shapes of sequins can be glued in place. They can relate to the season, be a random mixture or all be the same.
  • The easiest option is to use small stickers. I always have a pack of star stickers on hand – from the Dollar Tree of course. No fuss, no muss and no glue is necessary.
  • Get creative! On my final example, I used colored popcorn that I had leftover from a Fall Craft. It’s very easy and inexpensive to color popcorn. Keep a stack on hand for other crafting projects.
  • Other options: Color the circles in with crayons or markers.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Count down the days till Christmas.

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For a retelling of the Christmas Story, you may like this Advent Calendar Paper Chain printable.

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