We have a stash of Christmas LEGO that excitedly gets brought out to play with around this time of year. I love the cute little reindeers, elves, snowmen and of course Santa. When the Christmas LEGO comes out we know Christmas is close!

My 8 year old made a fun Christmas themed LEGO maze similar to our more traditional LEGO maze using our Christmas Characters as props.

LEGO MAZE – Points to Consider

  • How wide does your path need to be?
  • What obstacles will you use
  • Can you fit a ramp?
  • Can you make a double layer maze?
Christmas LEGO MAZE - Christmas LEGO Activity

LEGO MAZE – Extension Tasks

  • Is it easier with a smaller or bigger marble?
  • Can you draw a plan and then build your maze to match your plan? What changes need to be made to your design as you build?
  • Can you make a magnetic LEGO maze.
  • Can you make and draw instructions  a friend can follow?

This is a great activity for practicing planning and design skills, as well as improving fine motor control.

More LEGO Science Experiments for Kids

Sort sweets and display the results with a LEGO bar chart.

Try a LEGO ice excavation. This works really well if children try to rescue the LEGO pieces using warm and cold water. Older children can sprinkle salt over the top.

A LEGO plant growth model is fun to build.

Find out how many helium balloons it takes to lift a LEGO man.

More Christmas Science for Kids

I’ve got a huge collection of Christmas candy experiments, including dissolving candy canes, making mint chocolate leaves and finding the best temperature for melting marshmallows in a hot chocolate!

My Christmas lava lamps are super cute and a great fun Christmas decoration.

You might also like my collection of Santa STEM Challenges.

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