Who loves Christmas candy? We do! This collection of easy Christmas candy experiments is a great way to learn while enjoying some Christmas treats!

First up is a Christmas twist of the traditional skittles experiment. All you need to do is arrange your skittles on a plate or tray ( we chose Christmas colours ) and pour warm or cold water slowly over the top. The colour from the skittles dissolves into the water.

Be careful not to nudge the container as the colours will merge and you won’t get the separated colours effect.

Christmas Skittles Experiment

Christmas skittle candy experiment - skittles in the shape of a candy cane
Skittles before water
christmas skittles
Skittles after water

Little Bins for Little Hands tried a peppermint in water which worked really well too.

Marshmallow Snowman – Christmas Candy Experiment

This marshmallow snowman activity is great fun. Children can test different types of sticky substances to see which is the stickiest. You could also try this with meringue pieces.

Marshmallow snowman
Marshmallow Snowman

All about the Candy Canes

Investigate how strong a candy canes is with our easy investigation. Simply strengthen the candy cane with different materials and add ornaments from the cane until it breaks.

Candy Cane investigation. how strong is a candy cane.

Another idea is to dissolve a candy cane using different liquids, we tried hot water, cold water and vinegar. You could also do this using hot chocolate.

Sugar Crystal Lollypops

These sugar crystal lollypops are a bit tricky but definitely something fun to try even if they don’t work first time. It is a sticky process though, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Christmas Chocolate

We LOVE these minty chocolate leaves and they are super easy to make. These are great for learning about changes of state and smell/taste too!

For a stronger minty taste try our peppermint candies.

Homemade peppermint sweets - Christmas Candy

Warm up with a Christmas Drink

Not quite candy, but hot chocolate with marshmallows is a great way to warm up on a cold day and you can add a little science to the treat by investigating whether marshmallows melt fastest in a warm or hot drink. Is there a perfect marshmallow level of melty-ness?

More Christmas Science

We’ve got lots of fun and easy Christmas science experiments to keep you busy this year. My current favourite is our collection of Santa STEM challenges.

If you fancy trying something different every day we have a Science advent calendar too!

If you’re on the lookout for Christmas gifts we’ve got lots of recommendations and ideas for homemade STEM or Science kits as well!

Do let us know if you try any of our Christmas candy experiments!

Awesome collection of Christmas Candy Experiments for kids #ChristmasScience #ChristmasCandy #ChristmasExperiments

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