Maeshowe: an Orkney Saga Kickstarter Spotlight

 Maeshowe: an Orkney SagaPublisher: Dragon Dawn ProductionsDesigner: Lee G. BroderickNumber of Players: 1-2Time: 15-30 MinutesFind on KICKSTARTER HERE.Maeshowe: an Orkney Saga is a small, co-operative hand- and resource-management game for 1-2 players. The game plays fast - 15-30 minutes -  but it offers a surprising amount of depth and decision space in that timeframe. The theming of the game

Call of Madness relaunching Kickstarter Spotlight

LIVE ON January 19th at 5PM CET!  Look for cool 48 hour rewards upon launch!Call of MadnessPublisher: Czacha GamesDesigners: Szymon Maliński, Bartłomiej ZielonkaNumber of Players: 1-4Ages: 14+Time: 40-80 MinutesLaunches on KICKSTARTER HERE at 5PM CET tomorrow!Call of Madness is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players aged 14+ and the average game time is 60 minutes where players are

The Game Shelf: The Yellow Meeple’s Top 5 Board Games of 2020

This year has been strange for many reasons, but a couple of those have really affected the way we consume board games. We were never extremely social gamers, so this is not a story of only ever playing two-player games, because that's all that we ever did! Instead, this year, our number of games played

St. Jude EPIC Challenge – STEM Curriculum for Kids

This is a guest post to let you know all about the EPIC Challenge from St. Jude. We are so happy to share about their free STEM curriculum! For more details, please visit the St. Jude Epic Challenge. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics—they’re all used every day at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. From careful

GameTek Classic 241.5 – The Elam Ending

Geoff takes us through what he (and many other people) feel is a flaw in the rules of basketball, and a possible solution that was first implemented by a new league in 2018. The Elam Ending is designed to eliminate the incentive for teams trailing on the scoreboard to constantly, intentionally foul the leading team,

WDYPTW: Patrick’s Last Kickstarter?

My history with Kickstarter started back in 2012 with an expansion to one of my favorite games, Flash Point: 2nd Story Urban Structures & Figures. Maybe Indie Boards and Cards was small enough at the time that they needed Kickstarter to fund that new project. This was long before the platform became a “pre-order” system

Wheel Tapping: 1830 with Tyler McLaughlin

Wheel Tapping covers one of the progenitors of the hobby with 1830. They are joined by Tyler McLaughlin of Dual Gauge, who is a caretaker of an amazing library and has over 100 plays to his credit.

Before You Play: Darwin’s Journey – Two-Player Playthrough & Review

Join Before You Play for a playthrough of "Darwin's Journey," designed by Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone and published by Thundergryph Games. This video includes a rules overview. Check them out on Kickstarter! JUMP: 00:00 - Rules Overview 15:35 - Playthrough Start - Round 1 30:03 - Round 2 42:52 - Round 3 1:00:07 -

Cardboarding with Carla: Getting Past Design Blocks with Fertessa Alyse

Fertessa Alyse designed Book of Villainy, Wicked and Wise, and Mansplaining, plus she’s a game producer at Funko Games (formerly known as Prospero Hall) and she was part of Girls’ Game Shelf.Watch the live chat below (the video’s audio cuts out a bit in the middle, unfortunately):Types of Design BlocksThere are two main types of

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