GameTek Classic 249.5 – Battle Royale

Geoff parachutes into the world of battle royale games like Fortnite, and how they eclipsed MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like Heroes of the Storm. Is there something special about battle royales that we can study as general lessons in game designs?

Critical Fail: A Fill-in-the-Blank Party Game for RPG Lovers Kickstarter Spotlight

Critical Fail: A Fill-in-the-Blank Party Game for RPG LoversPublisher:  Soulgate Studios LLC Designer: Michael GoltryNumber of Players: 4-10Ages: 14+Time: 30+ MinutesFind on KICKSTARTER HERE. Critical Fail is a Fill-in-the-Blank Party Game designed specifically for RPG enthusiasts.Players take turns being the Narrator and reading the "Prompt Cards" while everyone else plays a "Response Card." The Narrator then picks the response they like the most and awards that player the Prompt

Board Game Gumbo: Sagan Says: Cloud Control review

Board Game Gumbo is pleased to present another new review from Sagan Ezell, fellow game group member. Sagan is an omni-gamer from Lafayette, Louisiana, and helps run the Southern Board Game Festival. Here are his thoughts on the game. You can reach him on Twitter @SaganEzellOver time, I have played a lot of games that

Pink Panda’s Pajama Party! Kickstarter Spotlight

 Pink Panda's Pajama Party!Publisher: Big Life Games  Designer: Link DyrdahlNumber of Players: 2-6Ages: 5+Time: 10+Find on KICKSTARTER HERE. Pink Panda's Pajama Party! will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, May 20 2021 8:44 AM PDT, and has surpassed it's funding goal of $1,000.Find out more at HERE.

Gameosity: Bar Fight Kickstarter Preview

Bar Fight pits mixologists against each other in a no-bottles-barred barroom brawl of carefully mixed cocktails and hand management mechanics…and the occasional right hook to the face. Learn more in our video preview:Visit the Bar Fight Kickstarter campaign here!

GoPlayListen: Tales of Glory – A four-sided review

Tales of Glory is a fantasy themed tile-layer for 2-5 players, lasting up to an hour. The box says for ages 10+, but gamer kids a little younger could probably get to grips with it. There is only a small amount of hidden information, so discussing options is easy during play. The game was released with

Patrick and Eric in the Morning: Hello FLGS

Recent twitter shit storm was a post that boiled down to “shopping at your friendly local game store is a thing of the past. Weigh in with your comments.”  There was a ton of blow back on this not so hot take. None of it good from what I read. I didn’t see the original

Gameosity: Shadow Kitty Review

The Sparkle Kitty series has held a special place in my heart for its goofy, giggle inducing wordplay and for the badass princesses that the game is centered around. Shadow Kitty is a whole new twist on the word combining game that does away with the whole princesses stuck in towers and instead has you

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