Bantam West ūü§† Giveaway!

¬†Bantam West ūü§† Giveaway!¬†I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with¬†Bantam Planet LLC¬†, creator of the new game¬†Bantam West ūü§† ¬†which will be live on Kickstarter through¬†Thu, August 12 2021 5:56 AM PDT.1 winnerwill receive¬†1 free shadows' governor all-in pledge of Bantam West ūü§† + shippingPrize values are approximately¬†$210 USD+ Shipping¬†This giveaway

Board Game Gumbo: TUTANKHAMUN Live Play!

Want to learn how to play Tutankhamun, the re-release from 25th Century Games of this Dr. Reiner Knizia classic? BJ shows off the components and gameplay and plays a four player game with some of the family! Stick around to the end for their thoughts on the gameplay and production.Thanks for watching! Note: Review copy

Gaming Rules!: Unboxing, Tutorial, and Playthroughs of Tekhenu

This video is an unboxing video of Tekhenu, designed by Daniele Tascini and D√°vid Turczi and published by Board& Dice. Find out about the game here.This video is a tutorial and playthrough of a two-player game of Tekhenu.This video is a solo playthrough of Tekhenu.

Board Games on Kickstarter August 2021 (1st half)

Kevin looks at board games coming to Kickstarter and Gamefound the first half of August 2021. #boardgames #kickstarter #crowdfunding Link to Divinus campaign from Lucky Duck Games Kevin looks at a bunch of games coming to Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms the first half of July 2021. Support Tantrum House Late Pledge: We

DIY Articulated Grabber

This homemade articulated grabber is a brilliant STEM Challenge or STEM project, that works brilliantly and is easy to construct as well! We cut up a shoe box to make ours as the cardboard does need to be quite sturdy, but you can use whatever you have handy. If you like this activity you might

Ryder, the card game Giveaway!

Ryder, the card game Giveaway!  Enter to win below.I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Urbantek , creator of the new game Ryder, the card game which will be live on Kickstarter through Wed, August 11 2021 7:19 AM PDT.1 winnerwill receive 1 VIP pledge, If the winner is a backer then I’ll also include the Creator PledgePrize

Gaming Rules!: Tutorial and Playthrough of Mandala Stones

This is a tutorial and playthrough of Mandala Stones, designed by Filip Glowacz and published by Board&Dice, who helped to sponsor this video. Find out more about the game here.Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:00 Tutorial 14:53 Playthrough 1:04:28 Opinions

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