The Gorgon’s Loch – Save your Souls, Defeat the Gorgon Queen Kickstarter Spotlight

 The Gorgon's Loch - Save your Souls, Defeat the Gorgon QueenPublisher: Fantastic Books GamingDesigner: Dan GrubbNumber of Players: 1-5Ages: 8+Time: 60-90 MinutesFind on KICKSTARTER HERE.The Gorgon's Loch is a fun, quickstart, easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, dungeon adventure board game for the whole family. Key points about the game;- It can be played solo, or with up to 5 players (6 including an

Triathlon Series. The Board Game Kickstarter Spotlight

 Triathlon Series. The Board GamePublisher: AfterRace GamesNumber of Players: 2-4Ages: 14+Time: 45-90 MinutesFind on KICKSTARTER HERE. Before I give you some words from the publisher I'd like to take a moment as the owner of Everything Board Games to let you know why this game holds a bit of my heart even though I haven't yet played it.In July

Before You Play: 10 Games We Love To Give As Gifts

Join Before You Play as they discuss 10 games they love to give as gifts. JUMP: Honorable Mention 1 - 1:12 Honorable Mention 2 - 2:41 #10 - 4:05 #9 - 5:46 #8 - 6:39 #7 - 7:46 #6 - 9:42 #5 - 12:01 #4 - 13:32 #3 - 15:23 #2 - 18:15 #1 -

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Printable

The holidays seem to just fly by once Halloween is over. No sooner does November start and the stores are getting out the Christmas merchandise and decorations. When my boys were little, the anticipation of Christmas was an exciting time. So, counting down the days until the 25th became a holiday tradition in my home.

Geek-Craft: A Year Of Gaming – Week 48: Saffron, Salmon, & Sales

A slower week, but there’s something fishy about the set up to this joke. I think it’s just a red herring.This article references the time between November 23rd and November 29th, 2020.PlaysI tried digital versions of Fleet and Herbaceous this week. Fleet was on BoardGameArena and Eric didn’t wipe the floor with me this time. It’s amazing

December Art Challenge

Hello, chilly, cozy, sparkly December! You’re officially invited to join us for the December Art Challenge, filled with all sorts of prompts to get your creative ideas flowing. This month’s selection is filled with maker words that can help you dream up new ways to interpret art materials and processes, with a pop of holiday

WDYPTW: Patrick and Eric in the Morning #32 – Wolfgang Kramer / Michael Kiesling

Patrick and Eric discuss games they’ve played from the design duo of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, including collaborative and solo efforts from each.Recorded 11/22/2020PatrickEl Grande - Wolfgang Kramer, Richard UlrichColosseum - Wolfgang Kramer, Markus Lübke6 nimmt - Wolfgang KramerSeeland - Günter Burkhardt, Wolfgang KramerAzul - Michael KieslingAzul: Stained Glass of Sintra - Michael KieslingAzul:

Board Game Gumbo: Gumbo Live! #129 with Dan Patriss of the Geek All Stars

BJ welcomes Dan Patriss, host of the Geek All Stars Podcast (with fellow PBM member, Chris Kirkman) as well as the creator of Gamers for Cures! They’ll be talking about spicy hot games plus play an online board game with the Chat Krewe! Stop by tonight at 8:30 PM Central, 9:30 PM Eastern! linkFacebook linkThanks

table for ONE: A Solo Review of Escape the Dark Sector

INTRODUCTIONThere are three things in life that I love, apart from my children of course: science-fiction, evocative art, and solitaire games. The idea then to be able to combine these individual elements into a holy trinity is an alluring proposition to say the least. This is the premise for Escape the Dark Sector, the spiritual

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