Board Gaming Ramblings: Curious Cargo Playthrough and Review

Board Gaming Ramblings is playing Curious Cargo, designed by Ryan Courtney and published by Capstone Games! This is a two-player game that Johannes was excited for the whole of last year, and they are super happy to finally be able to bring you a playthrough for it! They loved Pipeline, and when they heard Ryan

Gameosity: Decktective: Bloody-Red Roses Review

The Decktective series feels like games made especially for me. When I was young I got a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and, being an impressionable child, I spent the next decade of my life thinking I would grow up to become a detective. I fell in love with incorrigibly quirky sleuth and mysteries in

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

This fun and creative activity helps children visualise a Butterfly Life Cycle by encouraging them to think of edible items to represent each stage of the cycle. Don’t forget I have lots more kitchen science experiments to try if you enjoy this one! This activity would be great for younger children read alongside The Very

Geek-Craft: Gaming in 2021 – Week 9: Not Always A Duck

This week I talk about The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Santa Monica. If you hear quacks and you're near the ocean, what does that mean?This article references the time between February 22nd and February 28th, 2021.PlaysAnother week with actual gaming! I did three games of Gin Rummy, which is great for playing while watching movies.

table for ONE: A Solo Review of Shadows of Kilforth

INTRODUCTION“Far along the eastern frontiers of Kilforth, the malignant gloom has returned. The Ancients lurk in the shadows, conducting their terrible affairs once more. New, terrifying, and pernicious creatures emerge from beyond the Veil. But as new threats rise, new heroes gather their arms and their wits to meet them. From the frail safety of

One Board Family: Hojo Pojo Preview

I love food themed games for lots of reasons. First they make me hungry. Second, they are perfect for themed game nights with family and friends. Hojo Pojo is a hot pot themed game from first time designer Rayne Aw. The goal of the game is to out score your opponents by creating food and sauce combinations which

Modern Art Game Strategy Guide

Reiner Knizia’s board game Modern Art presents a series of art auctions that players will bid on. From there, you will redeem the paintings you’ve purchased for money. How much money is dependent upon how well that painting’s artist ranks. At a high level, it’s like playing the stock market if companies were artists and

On Board Games 443: I Really Want to Save the Cat

On this episode of On Board Games Donald is joined by Giles and Calvin Wong Tze Loon.They talk about what they've been playing lately. Calvin Wong Tze Loon 黃子倫@ithayla Giles Pritchard@caradocp (20:53) Then they discuss immersion in games.Inverse Genius: Board Games is a proud member of the Punch Board Media Group.Patreon account: @onboardgamesRSS Feed:

The Cardboard Hoard: Initial Thoughts on Canosa

Last year, Bob Craig and Ryan Craig of One Day West Games funded a deluxe wooden version of their abstract game Canosa through Kickstarter’s Make 100 initiative. While that campaign has come and gone, the reception to the game has been positive enough that One Day West is launching a second Kickstarter for a more

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