Today’s Fairy Tale STEM challenge is making a balloon powered carriage for Cinderella. The orange balloon is meant to look like a pumpkin, but you could make your carriage pretty in white or pink or even build a spooky version in black!

Carriage for Cinderella STEM Challenge

What you need:

Thin/light cardboard

4 plastic lids or thick card cut into circles


1 balloon

2 skewers or thin wooden sticks

Elastic band

2 Straws

How to build a balloon powered carriage for Cinderella

Building the car is a bit tricky so ask an adult to help

Attach each skewer to one plastic lid to make a wheel and axle. You can either pierce the lids if they are soft or glue them.

Cut one straw in half and place each half over the skewer, before fixing the second wheel in place

Bottom of a Balloon powered car

Cut the cardboard so it fits over the axles as the body of the car and tape the straws ( not the skewer part ) to the bottom.

Turn the car over and check the wheels move freely.

Attach the balloon to one end of the second straw and fix in place with an elastic band. Check the balloon blows up by blowing down the straw.

Attach the straw and balloon to the top of the car with more tape.

Balloon powered car

Blow up the balloon and place the car on a flat surface, it should move forwards quickly as the balloon deflates.

Find out the science behind balloon cars here.

If it doesn’t work first time try our Balloon Car top tips!

More Cinderella Activities

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colour changing potions

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