Eggs with no shells are definitely one of the things my children find most intriguing. I’ve made bouncy eggs for nursery children to look at and for secondary school children to use as part of an osmosis experiment.

This fun bouncy egg experiment is great fun for kids of all ages and fascinating for adults too!

I also have a huge collection of egg experiments you might like.

bouncy egg with no shell coloured

Bouncy Egg Experiment

What happens to an egg when you drop it? It smashes.

So how can you make an egg bounce?

How to make an egg bounce

Place an unboiled egg in a container of vinegar for about 24 hours. The vinegar should completely cover the egg. If you want to remove the shell faster, take it out of the vinegar every couple of hours and rinse the egg under cold water while gently rubbing away the shell.

Egg with the shell removed by vinegar

Once the whole shell has dissolved, you have a naked egg which should bounce. Some eggs seem to break more easily than others, so you could try experimenting with different kinds of eggs to see if a certain type or size makes a difference.

To bounce your egg, drop carefully from a low height, the egg should bounce up from the surface. Can you measure at what height it breaks? Or try bouncing on different surfaces?

egg with no shell - from Snackable Science
Image taken from Snackable Science

How about drawing a table to demonstrate your results?

If you don’t want to break the eggs, how about shrinking an egg ?This is a fantastic way to learn about osmosis.

More Egg Experiments

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Bouncy egg science experiment for kids

Key Stage 1 Science

Investigative skills

Ask the child to predict if an egg can bounce using past experience of the properties of the shell.

Obtain and present evidence

Did you draw a table to demonstrate how high the egg bounced?

Consider and evaluate evidence evidence

Were the results as expected?

Bouncy Egg Experiment - remove the shell from an egg with vinegar and watch it bounce! Easy science for kids! #EggExperiments #NakedEgg #Scienceforkids #ScienceExperimentsforkids

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