Kevin looks at board games coming to Kickstarter and Gamefound the first half of August 2021. #boardgames #kickstarter #crowdfunding Link to Divinus campaign from Lucky Duck Games Kevin looks at a bunch of games coming to Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms the first half of July 2021. Support Tantrum House Late Pledge: We plan to launch our next Kickstarter campaign on August 17, 2021 Series Sponsors: Lucky Duck Games​ Mesa Game Lab end of July Pirates (Queen Games) July 27 Thunder Rolls Aug 1 Election Night in America Aug 2 Lands of Galzyr Aug 3 Almanac: Crystal Peaks Aug 3 Arydia Aug 3 Dino Dodge Aug 3 Bug Council of Backyardia Aug 3 Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum! Aug 3 Cartouche Aug 3 Legend Academy Aug 10 Flamecraft Aug 10 Amass Aug 10 MAsters of the Universe Aug 12 Kingdoms Rise and Fall: Dorian August Stuff of Legend

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