Gumbo HQ is in the process of moving, and seeing all these cardboard boxes in the storage unit we have basically lived out of for the past six months reminds me of the mania that enveloped American conscious when ‘Storage Wars’ hit. Somehow, I escaped it, but my mom and dad at one point owned an entire storage facility business in a tiny little rural community in Louisiana. Every once in a while, they would have a tenant abandon the unit, and they would have a little “sale.” I have to admit, I was always curious if an enterprising bidder would find some “hidden gems” in there.

Storage Wars, and the anticipation and discovery behind the thin metal walls, always seemed like an interesting board game theme to me, and lo and behold, the folks at Rigo Games sent us a review copy of Trasteros Locos (or “Crazy Auctions” in English) to play.

Trasteros Locos is a 2020 game designed by Juanrigo (the gaming alter ego of Juan Antonio Perez Riera, a gamer and publisher from Spain.) We’ve been discovering some of the games and publishers from the Iberian Peninsula, and it has been a joy seeing new themes and new ideas worked up from a different cultural perspective.

The problem? We received the copy of Trasteros Locos right in the middle of the winter surge of Coronavirus here in Louisiana, and in December and January, there was literally nothing going on in terms of big group gaming here in Lafayette, at least for us. Trasteros Locos was designed for three to six players, and after a play or two, it really seems to fit the higher play counts. So, we did an unboxing of the contents and waited for the right time to play it.

Thankfully, people are starting to get vaccinated, so I got a group of five gamers together recently to try out a couple of games, including Trasteros Locos. With only two plays in, I am not as comfortable giving a full review, especially for reasons I will discuss below. But, we did explore it enough to give our first impressions.

For more of the first impressions blog post including pictures of the game and a description of the gameplay, click here:

Trasteros Locos first impressions!

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

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