I can’t draw. Add it straight onto the pile of things I cannot do. Yes, artists out there, I have tried! I drew a comic strip for my middle school newspaper called “Kid Lightning” that had a handful of fans, but there were zero artistic touches in the strip. Only the thrill of seeing a monthly superhero strip in the school rag made the venture even worthwhile.

So when we had Eric Slauson on Gumbo Live! to talk about MonsDRAWsity recently, I was more than skeptical, I was a non-believer. But Eric’s description of a game that doesn’t require beautiful art skills and that gamers and families can play together piqued my interest. Thanks to the fine folks at Deep Water Games, we have a review copy to play. Does MonsDRAWsity have enough ink in the well to color it as the party game of the year? Let’s find out.


MonsDRAWsity is a 2020 game for 3-8 players that takes about 30 minutes (or even less with fewer players) to play, designed by Eric Slauson and published by Deep Water Games in partnership with Bread and Circuses. Deep Water Games recently released an expansion for the game, Cute Creatures, which gives you even more cards that are geared for younger gamers.


Players are sketch artists in D.R.A.W. (Dept of Recording Anomaly Witnesses) taking information from witnesses who only had the briefest of glances at the otherworldly and hopefully unforgettable creatures stalking our streets. (What an amazing coincidence that the name of the agency just happens to fit a very appropriate acronym.)  It’s up to the players with the erasable markers in hand to do their jobs as paranormal investigators and get as much of a description of the creatures on paper as possible. Players will score a point by drawing sketches that convince the other artists that their drawing is the best representation of the alien on the card, and the witness can score a point by choosing the same artists as the rest of the group to be the best sketch.

For the rest of the review, including some awesome pictures of aliens walking among us, click here.

Originally posted at Punch Board Media