I like my euros dripping with some kind of cool theme. The Gumbo krewe knows that there are certain genres that are just going to catch my eye and make me want to open up the box and try it out.

One genre that will always make me perk up and take a peek is any game that is set in the world of spycraft. Whether it is movies or TV or gaming, there’s just something about that deadly but cool James Bond chic, or the campy gadgetry silliness of Get Smart, or any number of cold war period pieces at the box office that will get me excited.


With a name like Shadow Network, gamers are probably expecting to play a game heavily invested into the spy genre, and of course, they would be correct. The folks at Talon Strikes Studios have a new Kickstarter this week designed by Rafael Rosario, and we were fortunate not only to get an early teach from Jason at Talon Strikes but also to get a review promo copy.

Shadow Network, designed by Ralph Rosario, with art by James Churchill and Jason Washburn, plays from one to five players in about an hour or two, depending on the play count. Players are rival agency heads in Cold War era Europe, trying to connect information gleaned from their various “handlers” and “operatives” all over a gorgeously detailed map. We previously covered our early plays of this on Gumbo Live! while chatting with Patrick Leder of Leder Games, which you can see here.

For the rest of the preview, including more pictures of the awesome graphic design, click here.

Originally posted at Punch Board Media