It’s a Gumbo Giveaway!!

Bradly shows off the new “Paint Night Kits” from WizKids. They include everything you need to paint the specific miniature in the boxes. Bradly unboxes the contents, showing off the miniature themselves plus all of the supplies. Finally — stick around to the end to see all of the miniature and painting kits that we are giving away courtesy of WizKids! Enter our giveaway here (shipping to Continental US only):

Click HERE to enter the contest!

See our painting of the Ogre Zombie here:

And finally, check up on Wizkids’ Paint Nights in your area at their website HERE.

Thanks for watching!

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Board Game Gumbo thanks WizKids for providing the giveaways.

*CONUS ONLY **Contest ends on Dec 19, 2020

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