I really should like this game. I have my 50th anniversary Disneyland hat, my Castaway Cay 5k medal, and my Kungaloosh! pin right next to my computer as I write this recap of our recent plays. Disney Villainous is still one of my favorite three player games.

Designed by the power house Prospero Hall team? My wife’s favorite Halloween movie? Great art inspired by the film? Check, check, check, and Holy Marceline, Batman, I’m in.

But did Hocus Pocus cast a spell on us? Was it strong, strong, strong (so strong!)? Let’s find out.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus Card Game is a 2020 game from Ravensburger designed by Prospero Hall, with gorgeous art from Ann Marcellino (no relation to Walt’s home town, as far as I can find.) It is geared for two to six players, sold at Target so it is marketed for newcomers to the hobby and veterans alike, and plays in about thirty minutes.

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Originally posted at Punch Board Media