Half of the summers of my youth were spent inside and outside a recreational vehicle that my dad bought in the early 70s. It was big enough to fit all nine of us in there, with some retrofitting by the dealer. I’d wager that the best part of the RV for my mom and dad, especially on long trips to Montreal or Yellowstone was the big giant table in the back. We spent hours and hours playing card games of every kind back there, which probably kept my parents sane.

We played tons of Uno, of course, as well as Bataile and Go Fish when we were younger. Mass market games like Racko and Pit spilled out from the table onto the couches, bumping and jostling as we moseyed down the byways of America. Oh, what would we have done for a pile of German style card games back then!

I have often envied the German families who exposed their Kinder to the multitude of deep play but simple to teach card games that seem to wash ashore here in America each year. Let’s take a look at one such game that has gotten a lot of buzz from The Opinionated Gamers and on social media of late.

Dealt! Is a 2018 card game published by Amigo and designed by Katja Stremmel. It was originally released in Germany as Krass Kariert, and plays three to five players in about 25 minutes. When Amigo offered us the chance to review a copy, I was happy to try it out with the family. 

For the rest of the review, including more pictures of Dealt!, click here.

For a video of us talking with Matt Riddle, designer of Fleet, on a recent Gumbo Live! about early plays of Dealt!, click here.

Originally posted at Punch Board Media