Lord Krishna is one of the most beloved characters from Indian Mythology. Owing to his mischievousness and tact, his stories are undoubtedly a favorite with all children. Even grown-ups have been charmed by his stories for ages.

We all grew up listening to the stories of clever Krishna. He was a master of critical thinking and problem solving in every situation. Be it a tale from Krishna’s childhood or from his youth, they all have cast a spell on us. So this Janamashtami, revisit your childhood and narrate these wonderful krishna stories to your children:

Best Krishna Stories for Children

1. Krishna is Born

Story of Krishna’s birth is no less than an adventure. The circumstances surrounding his birth make it a great story to read to kids.

2. Krishna and Putana

An enticing tale of demoness Putana and little Krishna. Krishna’s uncle Kansa send Putna to kill little Krishna. Little did she know who she is messing up with. Certainly a must read.

3. Krishna and the Yamalaarjuna Trees

This story narrates the mischievousness of toddler Krishna. The story revolves around how little Krishna is tied to a mortar by mother Vasudha and where his bubbliness takes him.

4. Krishna and Aristhasura

This is story of Krisha’s might against demon bull. The demon bull reaches Krishna’s village to unleash havoc. Destroying tress, crops and scaring villagers, he meets his end at the end of might Krishna.

5. Krishna and Bakasur

This is my personal favorite from my childhood. I always stood awe stuck when my mother narrated this story. It made me imagine a big, wicked crane and what all it could do. This tale never fails to mystify children.

6. Krishna and Kalia

An epic tale of a 10 headed serpent and how he scared everyone in Yamuna River. One day when Krishna and his friends are playing by the banks of river Yamuna, their ball falls into the river. This is the story of how Krishna dives in and get the ball.

7. Govardhan Parvat

This is story of how Krishna shattered the ego of one of the Devatas – Indra. Till today, govardhan parvat is worshipped by devotees who go there to pay their respects.

8. Krishna meets Kansa

Krishna finally meets his uncle Kansa, who has been trying to kill him ever since predicament from the heavens. This is the story of how Krishna rids the world of mighty Kansa.

Janmashtami Activity

After you and your loved ones have enjoyed watching these stories, engage in a fun activity.  Invite your children to narrate their favourite Krishna story in their own words.

Add some props like finger puppets, flute and take their story narration to the next level. You can easily make hand puppets by sticking Krishna and supporting character’s pictures on popsicle sticks.

Best Krishna stories for children

Once these hand puppets are ready, invite your children to hold the puppets in their hands and do the voice of the character they are holding.

While we were doing this activity at home, the kids showed great interest in Krishna stealing butter and playing with his best friend ‘Radha’.  It was really funny…our cow really stole the show with her ‘Moos’.

What really stood out during this activity was the imagination. Children were really super imaginative…one Krishna even suggested that eating too much butter would make him fat and unhealthy.

I would suggest giving complete freedom to children and maybe even some modern day scenarios like:

1. Krishna going to School; 
2. Radha rescues Krishna from evil monster;
3. Radha & Krishna in Kidzania;
4. Radha & Krishna milk the cow.

And the likes to spark their imagination. . It was simply wonderful to watch children come up with their narrations. Though some help was needed but that’s all fine. We all had great fun and the children learned more than I thought.

Krishna Quiz

After your children have indulged in the charming, witty tales of Krishna, it is time to test their mythological knowledge. Print the Quiz cards and you are all set for a fun quiz session with your children. The one who answers most get Makhan and Mishri as reward.

Krishna Stories Quiz


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