Here at Science Sparks we love anything space related and this baking soda rocket is super easy to set up and can be launched over and over again!

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How to make a baking soda rocket

To make a baking soda rocket you will need

Small 500ml bottle – empty

Cork which fits tightly inside the bottle neck

Half a piece of kitchen roll

1 tablespoon baking soda – bicarbonate of soda

Vinegar or lemon juice

3 Straws


baking soda rocket


Use the tape to attach the 3 straws to the side of the bottle so it stands up, upside down.

Pour abour 2 cm of vinegar into the bottle.

Wrap the baking soda up in the kitchen roll to make a little parcel.

Choose a launch site outside. It needs to be on a hard surface.

When you’re ready to launch, drop the baking soda parcel into the bottle, quickly add the cork, put the rocket down and stand back!

Warning – make sure you have a clear empty space and keep observer well back from the launch site as the rocket shoots up very quickly.

Baking Soda rocket

Baking Soda Rocket Top Tips

The cork needs to be a tight fit, so the gas cannot escape.

To slow down the reaction wrap the baking soda ( bicarbonate of soda ) in half a sheet of kitchen roll before adding it to the bottle. This slows down the reaction and gives you time to put the cork in and stand the rocket up.

Easy baking soda rocket - easy rocket activity for kids using baking soda and vinegar

Why does this work?

Baking soda and vinegar react to neutralise each other which releases carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide gas builds up inside the plastic bottle. When the pressure of the gas in the bottle is high enough the cork is forced out of the bottle.

the downward force of the cork being forced out of the bottle creates an upward thrust force which makes the bottle shoot up into the air. this is an example of Newton’s Third Law.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Warning – Take care when setting this up and wear eye protection as the bottle can shoot up very quickly!

Download my Baking Soda Rocket instructions here.

Baking Soda rocket Instruction Sheet

Baking Soda Rocket Extension Task

Try experimenting with different amounts of vinegar and baking soda to find the perfect combination. Remember you don’t want the reaction to happen too quickly.

Another idea is to try lemon or lime juice.

Learn about Newton's Third Law with this easy baking soda rocket! Fun rocket science experiment for kids #scienceforkids #rocketscience #bakingsodarocket

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