Here at Science Sparks we love autumn with its crunchy leaves, beautiful colours and crisp, fresh air! I’ve got a huge collection of autumn science experiments you might like and have pulled together these autumn STEM challenges to help get the most out of the changing seasons too!

If you’re looking for more general science experiments try my collection of FREE printable experiments. It’s an ever growing collection of science experiment instructions for kids and adults!

Autumn STEM Challenges for Kids

Jumping leaves – static electricity experiment

Learn about static electricity with these jumping leaves!

How tall is a tree?

Find out a fun method of measuring how tall a tree is!

How tall isa tree?

LEGO autumn tree model

Model the changing seasons with LEGO!

Create an autumn treasure stick

Place a strip of double sided tape on a stick and search for autumn treasure to attach to it on a walk.


Click on the image below to download your FREE printable autumn STEM challenges.

Autumn STEM Challenges

More autumn science for kids

If your children love Halloween, I’ve got a deliciously spooky collection of Halloween science experiments, including pumpkin lava lamps, witchy potions and shadow puppets.

Witches laboratory

My Halloween STEM challenges are great fun too!

If you’ve got a little one at home this pumpkin and tube activity looks brilliant from Happy Toddler Playtime.

I’ve also got some easy ideas for a Halloween party you’ll never forget.

scary pumpkin image
Fun autumn STEM challenges for kids of all ages. Make jumping leaves, treasure sticks and lots more autumnal and fall fun #STEM #AutumnSTEM #FallSTEM #Fall STEMChallenges

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