A few years ago I helped a local school put together a space science day. We had a whole afternoon of Tim Peake and International Space Station themed activities. The idea was to take the children on a journey starting with whole class film canister rockets, followed by a docking with the ISS game, then an orbiting demonstration. After that the children had free choice of several interactive space themed experiments, investigations and challenges such as squeezy rockets, making craters and robotic arms. The afternoon worked really well and would be great for World Space Week or British Science Week.

collection of Space Science Experiments for World Space Week

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Space Science Ideas for World Space Week

If you’d like to find out more, I’ve put together an experiment pack detailing all our plans.

Download our FREE Space Science Activity booklet here.

Space Science Activities

You can also download our challenge cards for use on activity tables. Each one states the aim of the challenge with extension ideas to keep everyone busy.

Paper Spinners

Making Craters

Make a parachute

Squeezy Bottle Rocket

Save the Astronauts’ Cutlery

More space experiments for World Space Week

Can you fix the astronauts glove?

Space science challenge - fix the astronauts glove.

Engineer an arm for the Space Station using pneumatics and K’nex.

K'nex Crane

This space sensory tub is great for younger children. you could also fill it with magnetic and non magnetic “space junk” for sorting.

space themed sensory rice bin

Make a play doh model of the Earth to show the different layers.

Play dough model of the Earth - space science for kids

I’ve got even more space science ideas in my DIY Space Camp post so do check there too.

You can find all my space science investigations and ideas in this space experiments round up post as well.

If you still need more ideas after all that, these science investigations linked to gravity would work well too!

Space Science Experiments and Investigations for World Space Week #WorldSpaceWeek #SpaceExperiments #SpaceScienceforkids

Do you have any more ideas for World Space Week for us?

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