Let’s admit all children love watching television. While we try to maintain a zero screen time policy with screen-free brain games during the week, weekends are different. I let my 5year old watch one video a day and that would mean about 30-40 minutes of screen time. To ensue that he watches some quality content which is equally fun, I help him pick from a pre-viewed list.

The videos on this list are short and help me impart some great life lessons to my child.

1.Emotional Intelligence: This video is great at helping children understand emotions and how to identify them. Though we do our emotions kit regularly, this video serves as a good reinforcement.


2. Growth Mindset: Children easily get frustrated and angry. That’s when the power of a growth mindset helps them. Instead of preaching them every time, watch this video together to help your child overcome difficulties and learn the power of growth mindset.


3. Mindfulness: This is a great video for teaching children how to choose and act wisely.


4. Including other: This is perhaps most needed. Even young children are capable of being mean. Often this results in exclusion and lead to bullying as well. Teach your kids to be includers with this amazing short Sesame Street video.


5. Staying Safe: We frequently watch this video at home. It is difficult for children to understand what is good and bad touch. A touch that makes your child uncomfortable and not necessary involve private parts can be bad too.


6. Gender Equality: This is a great video on the subject. Grown ups need to watch it as much as the younger ones.


7. Respecting differently-abled children: Children are much better than adults when it comes to judging people. This video shows just that.


8. Loving others for who they are: We need to raise children above the adjectives like thin-fat, tall-short, black-white.

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