Coding is a valuable skill for every child to learn, and there are tons of free and paid coding websites and tools to help your students just beginning or mastering coding. Back in the day, coding seemed like some kind of secret computer knowledge that no one except for geniuses could learn. But now, it’s super easy to learn! Here are 6 great coding websites for students.

Khan Academy

Academy has been around a while, and it is classic essential code training for
kids. They have organized and interactive lessons that build on one another so
kids learn fast and are able to get creative quick on how to code. They’ll be
coding in circles around you. Luckily, Khan Academy isn’t just for kids, anyone
can learn code here! Khan Academy is a 501c3 non profit organization whose
mission is to provide free, world class education to anyone, anywhere.
has a variety of ways for kids to learn to code. They even have live in person
camps all over the world! They have online lessons from prekindergarten all the
way beyond high school. CS, javascript, you name it, they’ve got it. It’s
another nonprofit pushing forward computer science learning for everyone! There
are so many cool games and curriculums to use here.


is a really cool paid way to learn coding at home and at school. You can
actually get a lifetime membership to Kodable for only $120–that’s an amazing
deal for all the features that are there. Of course, before you commit to a
lifetime of coding, you can get a free trial to check it out. For schools the
plans are a little different, but you can get a lot for free to start. “Skip
cartoons, write code.”


is another paid coding website specifically made with kids in mind. They are
all about empowering kids age 5-17 to learn and write code. And for all those
kids who are SUPER in to Minecraft, they have a whole play area where kids can
code their own mods, add-ons, and texture packs. If there was ever a way to get
a kid to learn and play it coding because all games require code.


coding tool is designed for 6-12 year olds. This program is quite different
from the above programs. Teachers or parents actually receive a box in the
mail. From the info in the box, students can pick what they what to learn, what
apps they want to download, what games they want to play, and what projects to
complete. Of course, as a teacher you can pick and choose the projects for your
class. What’s unique is that kids get a tactile experience to accompany
learning the code!


Codemonkey has an impressive kindergarten
through 8th grade curriculum. Like a lot of the other websites, you can start
doing Codemonkey for free, and then there are paid plans as you get deeper into
the lessons. Codemonkey boasts built in classroom management, professional
development, and matches with curriculum standards. AND they have web-based and
tablet applications. This is a very well organized and well thought out

Wow wow wow! There are so many tools out there to help your students learn to code, and I didn’t even mention half of them. There is also Scratch Junior from MIT, CS First from Google, and more.

What are your favorite ways to get your students excited to code?

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