Winter is our favourite season of the year. Where we live, it starts to get a little chilly mid-November onwards and by the time we reach Winter Solstice, winter is nicely set in. To celebrate this beautiful season, we have curated a list of “Winter STEM Activities for Kids”.

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is a wonderful approach to make learning fun and practical for kids. But before we dive into winter STEM activities, let’s take a quick look into the science behind this beautiful season of winters.

What Causes Winter?

While the popular belief is that seasons are a result of earth’s elliptical orbit, it is not really the case. What causes seasons is the obliquity or the tilt of the earth. Obliquity is the angle at which earth’s axis of rotation is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbital plane.

This tilt causes one hemisphere to receive more sunlight (hence heat) than the other hemisphere at any given time. Thus, resulting in seasons. Over the last million years, tilt has varied between 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees. Currently, Earth’s tilt is in between the two extremes at about 22.5 degrees.

Cool Winter Facts for Kids

1. The word winter comes from Proto-Germanic word ‘Wentruz’, meaning wet.

2. Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year.

3. Snowflakes are always in the shape of a hexagon.

4. No two snowflakes look alike.

winter fun facts

5. A snowflake can take up to two hours to fall from the cloud to the ground.

6. Plants stop growing in winters.

7. Snow is about 90% air.

8. The Sun does not rise at poles during winters.

9. The snowiest city in the world is Aomori City of Japan.

10. It gets so cold in Siberia that your breath can turn into ice, midair!

11. Winters last for 21years on Uranus.

winter fun facts for kids

12. Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system with a minimum temperature of minus 224 degree Celsius.

13. Earth is closest to the sun between January 3rd and January 5th, when it is winters in the northern hemisphere.

14. Many animals like Arctic fox change colour of its fur during winters.

winter fun facts for kids

15. Snow is actually transparent and not white! The signature white colour of snow is due to the reflection of light.

16. The coldest temperature (-123°C/189,4°F) was recorded at Vostok Station in Antarctica, in 1983.

17. Disney’s Frozen holds the record for highest-grossing animated musical film.

Winter STEM Activities

Inspired by the season, here is a curated list of 40 Winter STEM activities that will excite your children and make winters even more fun! Make the best out of the shorter days by adding these activities to your child’s learning plan.

Winter Science Activities

1. Make Fake Snow

Winters certainly remind us of snow irrespective of whether it snows where we live or not! And that’s the inspiration behind this fun winter science activity. Make fake snow and get ready for a snowball game.

What you will need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Conditioner

Making fake snow is pretty easy. Simply mix the above ingredients till you get the desired consistency. Just remember to use white conditioner to get that sparkling white colour. In case you don’t have a white conditioner, shaving foam will work just as fine!

Once you are ready with your fake snow, mould it into various shapes! Even better, make sculptures to transform the winter science activity into a winter engineering activity for kids.

2. Ice Lanterns

This is a dreamy indoor STEM activity that will warm up your winter wonderland. A great hands-on lesson on states of matter, this one incorporates arts as well as engineering elements to make it a perfect winter STEAM activity for kids.

ice lantern for kids

What you will need:

  • 1 Big Paper Cup (soda cup)
  • 1 Small Paper Cup (coffee cup)
  • Water
  • Decorations like pom poms, beads, tinsels
  • Water
  • Pebbles
  • Tea Light – Battery operated

How to do it:

Step 1: Place the small cup inside the big cup.

Step 2: Slowly add water to the big cup, that is, between the cups, till it is almost half full.

Step 3: Add decorations to the water.

Step 4: Add pebbles to the small cup to keep it from popping up.

ice lantern for kids

Step 5: Add water again to the big cup till the water is an inch or two from the rim of the small cup.

Step 6: Place the cups in the freezer. It is best you leave it for 6 hours or till completely frozen.

Step 7: Once the water is frozen, take out your cups. Using a scissor peel off the outer paper cup.

Step 8: Pour warm water in a smaller paper cup to remove it too. Warm water will melt the ice around the cup, thus making it easy to remove it.

Step 9: Now place a battery operated tea light or a normal tea light (or fairy lights) in your ice lantern to turn your room into a winter wonderland.

winter Science activity for kids

This winter science activity is a must to practice hygge at home. It is just perfect with a cup of hot chocolate, a book and a snuggly blanket to make memories with kids.

3. Crush The Bottle

This is a really cool winter science experiment that you ought to try with your kids. Older kids can do it pretty much themselves. Whatever the age group may be, this experiment is sure to excite all the kids.

What you will need:

  • A plastic bottle/ empty tin can
  • Ice Bucket / Deep dish
  • Hot water
  • Ice

How to do it:

Step 1: Fill the dish with ice.

Step 2: Pour hot water into the plastic bottle till it is one-third full.

Step 3: Cap the bottle and give it a gentle shake.

Step 4: Now, place the bottle in the ice bucket.

winter STEM activity

You will observe the bottle magically crushes itself! Astounding right? Well…there is a cool science at work here – the same principle that makes the wind blow.  

Warm air expands and cold air contracts. When you add hot water to the bottle, the air inside the bottle heats up and expands.Once you place the same bottle in the ice bucket, the air inside the bottle turns cold and contracts. Thus, creating low pressure inside the bottle. Since the outside pressure is more than the pressure inside, the bottle crushes.

Crush the bottle experiment for kids

4. Snowstorm in a Jar

This is a classic winter science experiment for kids! Make a snowstorm right in your home with easy to find supplies.

What you will need:

  • Baby Oil
  • Water
  • White paint
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Jar or a bottle

snowstorm in a bottle experiment for kids

How to do it:

Step 1: Fill the jar one-third with water mixed with white paint.

Step 2: Add baby oil to the jar so as to almost fill the jar.

Step 3: To start the snowstorm, drop in the effervescent tablet (Eno would work equally well) into the jar.

snowstorm in a bottle experiment for kids

What is happening here is that the effervescent tablet reacts with water to release carbon dioxide. This gas escapes in the form of bubbles and rises up to the surface, carrying white paint with it! Thus, creating an effect of a snowstorm!

It is important to note that this is one part of this science experiment. This winter science experiment greatly relies on solubility and insolubility to make it work. Another factor at play is density of the liquids.

5. Snowflake Crystals

A great lesson on solubility and saturation, this winter science experiment for kids is pure magic. With easy to find supplies, your kids can make their very own snowflake crystals at home.

6. Make Frost

Nothing beats making frost at home! This is one winter science experiment that is sure to get an exhilarating reaction from kids across ages. Easy- peasy to do, all it needs is a little patience and the following pantry items:

  • Salt
  • Ice
  • Glass Jar
  • Water

Step 1: Crush the ice and fill the glass jar three-forth with crushed ice. You may use ice cubes but crushed ice gets best results.

Step 2: Add a thick layer of salt, one inch or two inches thick, to the crushed ice.

Step 3: Pour a little water (2-4 tbsp. should work fine) on top of the ice.

Step 4: Now this is the tricky part. You need to wait for 2-3 minutes for frost to form. You will observe a nice thick layer of frost forming in sometime.

The science behind this cool experiment for kids is pretty simple. Salt lowers down the freezing temperature of ice. Thus, melting the ice. This melting ice along with salt and water creates a super cool temperature, which is actually lower than the freezing point, inside the jar along the surface.

Now, when the moisture in the air comes in contact with the jar, it condenses on its outer surface. The surface being super cooled freezes this moisture, giving rise to frost!

7. Exploding Snowman

Winters can be a bit gloomy with the chill and limited daylight. But here is a cool winter outdoor STEM activity that can banish boredom in no time.

What you will need:

  • Zip Pouch
  • Black and Red Markers
  • Tissue Paper
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda

Step 1: Use markers to make a nice snowman on the zip pouch.

Step 2: Take the tissue paper and pack 1-2tbs of baking soda into it.

Step 3: Neatly place the tissue pack in the zip pouch. Seal the pouch leaving an inch or two open at one end and place it on the ground outdoors.

Step 4: Add 4-5tbs of vinegar to the zip pouch and quickly seal it.

Back off and watch the snowman baggie explode! The trick to the explosion is to quickly reseal the zip pouch after adding vinegar.

8. Snow Slime

Add some silly science fun to your winter activities with this super fluffy snow slime. Great for kneading, stretching and pulling, this slime is a great tool to build motor skills.

9. Ice Fishing

Got a kiddo who is crazy about the fishing game? Then this winter science activity will totally blow off your kid’s mind! This fun fishing activity will have your kids learning cool science concepts in no time.

This no-prep, easy to set-up activity needs just a few things that are readily available at home:

  • Ice
  • Flat Dish/ Plate
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Twine

Ice fishing activity for kids

Step 1: Spread out ice on the plate and add a little water.

Step 2: Lay the twine on the ice cube you want to fish out.

Step 3: Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the ice cube where it is touching the twine.

Step 4: Wait for a minute and then gently pull the twine to fish out the ice!

Ice fishing activity for kids

Remember, we told you that salt lowers down the freezing point of ice. That’s what is exactly happening here when you add salt to the ice. But since the surrounding temperature is really cool (near freezing point) the ice that had melted near the twine refreezes again. But this time with the twine along with it!

What really plays the trick here is the amount of salt you add and the time you let the twine sit. Too much salt will melt a lot more ice than needed and too less will hardly melt any ice.

The same way, you need to be perfect in pulling up the twine. If you pull too early, you miss the ice from refreezing around the twine. So patience and a little practice is the key here.

10. Find the Warmest Room

As winters set in, we all look for the coziest nook in the house. Turn this search into a fun filled winter science activity.

Start a quick discussion on which room or nook is the warmest with your kids and then structure this wonderfully easy STEM investigation. We played it like a game with children, writing in their hypothesis and then the final results.

You will need:

  • Jars
  • Marker
  • Ice cubes

Step 1: Take as many jars as the number of rooms you wish to test for. Example: If you have three rooms and want to find out which one is the warmest, you will need three jars. Begin with asking your child which room they feel is the warmest. Let them guess and write it down before you start the experiment.

winter STEM activities for kids

Step 2: Add four ice cubes into each jar and place it next to the bed or on the table in each room. Make sure, all the positions in rooms are relatively similar and none face direct sunlight.

Step 3: Observe the jars after 10-15 minutes. Mark the level of water using a marker.

Compare levels of water in respective jars. Now, can you answer which room is the warmest? Is it the same as your guess? The warmest room will have most water, as it will allow the ice to melt faster. Easy-peasy, right!

11. Winter Habitat Experiment

We absolutely adore this simple winter STEM activity for its current relevance and how it aligns with SDG 15. SDGs are Sustainable Development Goals undertaken by UNDP to protect the planet and ensure human development.

Winter habitat activity for kids

It is also a great outdoor STEM activity to teach children about various habitats and how human actions are threatening these habitats and the resident animals.

What you will need:

  • Plate
  • Water
  • Clay/ Animal figurines of Seal or Bear
  • Big Plastic Box
  • Blue Food Colouring

How to do it:

Step 1: Pour water on the plate and set it in the freezer to get a sheet of ice.

Step 2: Use clay to make a seal or a polar bear if you don’t have their animal figurines.

Step 3: Take out the ice sheet from the plate by pouring warm water on the back of the plate. This will be your sea ice.

Step 4: Pour water in the plastic box till its half full. Add blue food colouring to make it look like sea water.

Step 5: Place the ice sheet in the plastic box.

Step 6: Position your animals (we used a Penguin) on the ice sheet.

winter habitat experiment for kids

Step 7: Take the assembly and place it outdoors in a sunny spot.

winter habitat experiment for kids

You will observe as the time passes, the ice sheet starts to melt gradually. Thus, decreasing the area (habitat) for your animal to live on. This is exactly what is happening at the poles. Polar Ice is gradually melting due to global warming, thus, destroying the habitat of seals and polar bears.

winter habitat experiment for kids

Once your little ones have understood that how global warming is impacting polar habitat, discuss with them how they can reduce their carbon footprint and save the animals.

12. Make Ice Chalk

Winters need not be the confining season. Make the best use of winter sun and set the artist in your child free by letting them paint on the sidewalk with ice chalks.

Your kids wouldn’t complain spending their afternoons all by themselves and giving you the much-treasured me-time. Here is a simple recipe you can try. Plus it doesn’t stain.

Technology Winter Activities

13. Make a Snowman

This is a great app to make your snowman! What’s even better is that you get to customise the background as well. Your kids will love designing their own versions of snowman with the various tools this app offers.

make a nowman

14. Map It Out

This is a wonderful winter technology activity for kids who have started understanding maps. Let your children use Google maps to discover colder regions using the terrain mode. List down mountain ranges, snow peaks and frozen lakes and let your kids explore them on Google activity for kids

15. Winter Collage

Another great technology inspired winter themed activity is collage making. Only this time your kids get to use technology to make a winter collage. Use apps like PicsCollage to make winter wonderland perfect collage.

Winter Engineering Activities

16. Build a Cave for Hibernating Bear

Winter is the time when bears head for their long winter sleep called Hibernation. Challenge your kids to act like forest rangers and build perfect caves for the bears to hibernate.

What you will need:

  • Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks

This engineering challenge is really open-ended. Use toothpicks and marshmallows to make dome shaped caves. Getting the right shape and balance is the key.

hibernation STEM activity for kids

This winter engineering activity works wonders for motor skills and creativity. And after your kiddo has built the perfect winter cave, don’t forget to add a sleeping bear inside it.

17. Build An Ice Tower

This hands-on winter engineering challenge is certain to excite kids who love to construct and play with Legos. But this time, instead of using store bought tiles or blocks, ice would be our building material.

ice tower STEM activity for kids

What you will need is lots of ice cubes, latex gloves and salt! We think two trays should be sufficient. We recommend using latex gloves to prevent hands from getting super icy but that’s a personal call.

ice tower STEM activity for kids

The challenge is to build an ice tower and the trick behind sticking ice cubes together is salt. Remember, we mentioned above how salt lowers the freezing point of ice. Adding just a pinch of salt will temporarily melt the ice before it refreezes again, joining the cubes in the process.

18. Solar Oven 

Who says solar ovens are only for hot summer days? We rather think they are perfect for winters too! Make the best use of the Sun on chilly winter days with a solar oven.

Challenge your kids to make a solar oven to awaken their inner engineer.  A perfect STEM school project for kids, this one will keep your kids occupied for good.

19. Snowball Launcher

What fun it is to make a snowball launcher that can be played indoors and without any real snow. This hands-on launcher can be made with a few supplies and is great for engineering as well as motor skills.

20. Ice Magnifying Glass

Yes! You read it right – Ice Magnifying glass! This cool engineering activity for kids is perfect for winters. A great hands-on way to learn about light and the science of magnification, this is a must try for any budding engineer.

21. Toothpick Snowflakes

Engineer snowflakes with toothpicks and marshmallows. Let your children make use of their imagination and design snowflakes of various patterns. This is such a fun STEM activity to do on a winter afternoon! These toothpick-marshmallow snowflakes offer great fine motor practice and deliver a hands-on lesson on symmetry.

All you need is the humble toothpick and some marshmallows (or clay white balls). Wondering what else can you do with toothpicks? We have awesome list of activities to delight your kids around this wonderful, unassuming item.

22. Build a Thermoware

A thermoware is something that does not allow heat to escape. Most of us use them in the form of a thermo-flask or a thermoware casserole or a chapati box. Thermowares have definitely made our life comfortable and now is the turn to understand the science behind it.

What you will need:

  • Napkin
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Bubble Wrap
  • 4 bottles/jars
  • Thermometer
  • Hot water

winter STEM activity for kids

How to do it:

Step 1: Keep first jar aside. This will serve as your control group.

winter science activity for kids

Step 2: Wrap second jar with a napkin. Secure the napkin with an all pin to keep the napkin from falling off.

winter science activity for kids

Step 3: Wrap third jar with aluminium/tin foil.

winter STEM activity for kids

Step 4: Cover the last jar with bubble wrap. Your three jars for the experimental group are now ready.

winter STEM activity for kids

Step 5: Pour hot water in all the jars of the experimental group as well as the control group.

Step 4: Keep all the four bottles aside for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Using the thermometer, check the temperature of water in all four bottles. Which one kept the water warmest?

The bottles in the experimental group had a layer of insulation around them to prevent heat from escaping the bottle. That is the reason why water in the insulated bottles was warmer than water in the bottle in the control group that had no insulation.

Once your children have an idea how thermowares work, try layering different insulating material and test which combination works best.

Now, finally ask your kids if they understand how sweaters and jackets protect them from feeling cold. We bet your little scientist would have an impressive explanation.

23. Apple Stacking Challenge

Winter is the season of apples with fresh fall harvest. Make most of this ever-loved fruit with a STEM engineering activity for kids. And like the name suggests, the challenge is to stack ten or more apples. The one who gets the tallest apple tower wins the challenge.

apple stacking activity for kids

As easy as it may sound, the apple tower starts to wobble once you reach the count of 6 or more apples. And that’s when the fun starts! Ask your kids to put on their thinking hats and come up with a plan to balance the apples. They can use any commonly found material except the standard adhesive materials like tape.

We found clay, dough and even our ever favourite – toothpicks work great as connectors. What are your fave connectors going to be?

24. Build a Sleigh 

A list of winter engineering activities cannot be possibly complete without a challenge to make your own sleigh. This is one winter activity that will challenge your child construction skills and fire up their creativity.

25. Lego Snowflakes

Lego snowflakes is a great construction challenge for kids across all ages. You do not need any specific Lego kit for it but just white (or blue) bricks. This engineering activity works wonders at building creativity, problem solving and concentration skills.

26. Build an Upside-Down Snowman

Making a snowman isn’t as easy as it may seem. It requires a bit of engineering along with understanding of balance and center of mass.

Challenge your kids to this super fun engineering challenge by asking them to build an upside down snowman. And worry not, if you don’t live where it doesn’t snow! Just use the recipe for fake snow from the first winter STEM activity on this awesome list and you are ready to go.

27. Snowman Stretch

This super challenging engineering activity requires just plain paper and tape. The idea is to build the tallest snowman using nothing but these two supplies. It is a wonderful STEM activity to spark creativity and hands-on engineering for kids.

28. DIY Thermometer

Turn your kids into little meteorologists and let them monitor & note day-to-day temperature in your city. This engineering activity doubles up as a great STEM school project for kids.

Winter Math Activities

29. Make Winter Wonderland With Shapes

This is an interesting winter math activity that encourages children to see shapes in nature and recreate them using their imagination. All you need for this math craft activity is pastel sheets in different colours, scissors and glue.

How to do it:

Step 1: Cut out various shapes like triangles, circles, squares in different colours from the pastel sheets.

Step 2: Ask your child to use these shapes to create a winter scene. Like triangles can be used to make trees, circles for snowmen, squares and receptacles for deer and so on. Imagination is the key.

30. Frozen Inspired Winter Math Game 

You simply cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you have a frozen fan at home. This simple winter math game is great at building numeracy skills like number recognition and simple addition/multiplication. You just have to tweak the number cards.

31. Snowflake Math Addition & Subtraction

Another great winter math game to practice operatives with kids. This game is simple and easy to play. It uses dominoes, however, if you don’t have dominoes don’t fret. Use a dice or two (depending upon the skill level) and change the numbers on the snowflakes accordingly.

32. Snowball Patterns

This math activity is aimed at teaching patterns to young kids. Pattern recognition is an important data science concept and it is extremely important that children are exposed to patterns early on.

winter math activity for kids

All you need is coloured pom-poms, which act as snowballs in this case. Ask your children to create patterns using these snowballs. They can start with easy patterns like ABABAB and then later progress to more advanced patterns. To give a twist, make a pattern and ask your child to identify it!

33. Geoboard Snowflake

Geoboards are great math manipulative and work well with kids of all ages upto 12. This particular math activity challenges kids to build perfectly symmetrical snowflakes on geoboard. This is an awesome way to unleash creativity and build math acumen.

34. Snowflake Symmetry

This is a great hit with all children for the fact that it lets them channel their inner creativity and practice their scissor skills. Cutting perfect symmetrical paper snowflakes could be a task if you don’t know the correct paper-folding trick. But once your kids get to see it, not only will they be amazed but also eager to try their hands at it.

35. Snowball Place Value

Wondering how to teach place value to your kid the fun and play way? Here is a cool idea. Super easy to set up, it needs a few supplies and promises lots of fun.

Winter Math activity for kids

What you will need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Blue and White Pastel Sheet
  • Marker

Step 1: Cut out 20-30 circles (roughly 4cm in diameter) from the white paper sheet.

Step 2: Using the marker, write down individual numbers starting from 10 to 40 on the white circles.

Step 3: Cut out two big rectangles from the blue sheet.

Step 4: Mark one rectangle T to denote tens and other O to denote ones.

Winter Math activity for kids

How to Play:

Lay out the tens and ones blue cards on the floor. Stack the number circles next to the tray of cotton balls. Ask you child to draw a circle card from the number pile. Depending on the number drawn, ask your child to pick the cotton balls corresponding to the number on tens and place them on the tens mat. Repeat the same for digits on ones. This fun winter math game will have your child practicing and master place value in no time.

Winter Math activity for kids

36. Winter Pattern Blocks

We cannot stress the significance of patterns enough for building strong mathematical skills. Here is one activity, which specifically targets younger children and is a great addition to your math activities for kindergarteners and preschoolers.

37. Number Ice Fishing 

We love this frozen math game for kids. It takes a fun approach to teaching numbers to your preschooler and kindergartener. What we love the most about this activity is that there are just so many ways to explore fun.

38. Shovel The Snow

This math game is perfect for snowy weather or math focused pretend play. With little supplies, you can set up this game within 5 minutes and help your children practice subtraction. All you need for this game is cotton balls and a dice.

How To Play:

The goal of the game is to shovel the snow the fastest and get rid of all your snowballs. Start the game by giving your children 20 snowballs (cotton balls) each. Taking turns, roll the dice. Subtract the number on the dice from the snowballs. The player who gets rid-off all snowballs first, wins the game.

39. Snowball Operations

A great winter math game for young kids, this will allow them to burn off their energy while learning addition and subtraction. There are numerous benefits linked with movement-aided learning – for one it is long lasting and forges better neural connections.

40. Through the Snowstorm

Have older children who are just starting on multiplication? This is the multiplication math game to get them started. The rules are pretty simple.

winter math activity for kids

Click Here to Download

How to Play:

You have to ace through the snowstorm to reach the cottage safely. Roll the dice and multiply with the number you are practicing multiplication with. Be careful though, if you land on snow you freeze a turn!

With all the above winter activities for kids, we are certain you and your child will not have a dull, boring moment. In case you wish to take a break from activities and just snuggle under a blanket with a hot cup of coco and a great book, here are our recommendations on winter books for kids.

Winter Books for Kids

1. The Snowy Day

Any list of winter books for kids is incomplete without this classic. First to have a black as a main character, this book brings home much more than a great story.

winter books for kids

2. The Biggest Snowman Ever

If your children have enjoyed The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, they are certainly going to love this one too! There is a snowmen contest in town and Clayton and Desmond are determined to make the BIGGEST snowman but it ain’t always easy.

winter books for kids

3. The Fairies of The Frost

This beautiful winter book for kids is packed with lovely illustrations and an equally magical story. In this rhyming winter book for kids, each fairy comes from a diverse origin and has her own charm. Highly recommended!

winter book for kids

4. Snowflakes in Photographs

You will absolutely adore this book! Unearth the magic of snowflakes and admire their beauty with this book that features one of nature’s most beautiful and unique creations – Snowflake.

snowflake books for kids

5. Hibernation STEM Journal

Introduce your children to the science of hibernation with the hands-on way. Loaded with information, hibernation activities and worksheets, this e-book is perfect for your budding ecologist.

winter books for kids

6. Sneezy The Snowman

This fun winter story will have your little ones giggling with delight. Sneezy, the snowman is cold and nothing seems to work. But the kids know the trick to fix him! Hilarious, this book will not disappoint you.

winter books for kids

7. The Big Snow

This Caldecott award winner is a classic winter book for kids. Get ready to be transported to a winter wonderland and greet animals, as they get ready for winters.

winter book for kids

8. Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

Packed with heart-warming illustrations and facts about the winter sleep of animals, this one is quite a winter read. It is a story of a young boy, staying with his grandmother, who discovers this winter science of sleep.

winter book for kids

9. All Around Bustletown: Winter

Another one from the Bustletown series, this one is our personal favourite. Perfect for a younger audience, this book depicts how winters take over the Bustletown. Beautifully illustrated, your kids will come back to this winter book again and again.

winter books for kids

10. Wintercake

This heartwarming book about friendship, forgiveness and empathy will leave you and your kids all warm and fuzzy inside. Thomas misplaces his basket of dried fruits and is just too quick to presume that it is stolen. What follows next is the change of heart, forgiveness and new friendship.

winter books for kids

11. The Return of Light

This book talks about the Winter Solstice and its traditions around the globe. An insightful read, this book will surely intrigue your kids (and you!). This collection of winter solstice tales will take you to North America, China, Scandinavia, India, Africa, South America, Europe, and Polynesia.

winter book for kids

12. The Little Winter Book of Gnomes

This is a perfect winter book for the entire family. Packed with Scandinavian wisdom, this book is simply a delight to read and like a balm to the soul. We assure you are going to love it!

winter books for kids

13. The Story of the Snow Children

Get ready to be transported to the magical world of snow children! We bet after reading this book, your children will see snowflakes in a new light. This classic winter book for kids is both magical and lovely!

winter books for kids

14. Little Owl’s Snow

Another lovely addition to the Little Owl’s family, this is equally wondrous. This time it’s the owl’s first winter. Join the little owl as it uncovers the signs of winter. The author and illustrator, Divya Srinivasan, captivates her audience yet again with this winter book.

winter books for kids

15. No Two Alike

Follow the birds in this charming book as they explore the winter wonderland where nothing from birds to snowflakes are alike. Packed with beautiful illustrations and simple text, this book will enchant your toddler.

winter books for kids

16. A Day So Gray

This is a wonderful story to nurture gratitude and help children see half glass full. An ever-discontented girl only manages to see the dullness of winter months till her friend asks her to have a more careful look.

winter books for kids

17. Winter is Here

Celebrate the season of winters with this lovely book that details everything wonderful about winters. Coming from Caldecott Medalist and Newbery Honor author Kevin Henkes and acclaimed painter Laura Dronzek, this book is a pure delight.

winter books for kids

18. Winter in the Forest

Follow the two raccoons and uncover the mysteries that the forest keeps in winter. With its beautiful lift-a-flaps, this book packs enough surprises to excite young readers.

winter book for kids

19. Winter Dance

This is a beautiful story of how animals prepare themselves for the winter. Everyone seems to have a plan and advice for the fox but none that pleases the fox. At last Fox does meet someone who has the perfect advice for him. Marion Dane Bauer – the Newberry Award winning author enchants his readers yet again!

winter books for kids

20. Little Red Gliding Hood

This fractured fairy tale is a great twist to the classic story. Little Red is a skating enthusiast and in search of a partner. But who is going to skate with her? Witty and charming, this is one read that will have your children (and you!) amused and pleasantly surprised!

winter book for kids

21. Dear Yeti

Gear-up for the best winter adventure with Dear Yeti. A lovely tale of adventure, kindness and friendship, Dear yeti will certainly please your little one.

winter book for kids

22. Freddie The Farting Snowman

This is a hilarious winter read for some serious fun! Freddie The Farting Snowman will have you and your kids laughing out loud!

winter book for kids

23. Here Comes Jack Frost

This is a story about a boy who gets lonely as winters approach! Seems like everyone is away and he has no one to play with. Winters appear gloomy but then he meets Jack Frost and a new friendship blossoms.

winter book for kids

24. Wolf in the Snow

Winner of the 2018 Caldecott Medal, Wolf in the Snow is a heart-warming tale of a girl and a wolf cub lost in the snow. This almost-wordless story will leave your kids believing in the power of kindness and bravery.

winter book for kids

25. Got to Get to Bear’s!

This story of friendship teaches children a great lesson on resourcefulness and grit. Chipmunk Izzy needs to go to the bear and even a blizzard cannot stop her! A great story of perseverance, “Got to Get to Bear’s!” weaves warmth and joy.

friendship book for kids

26. Snow Globe Wishes

A wonderful story about snow, snowstorm and a little girl’s wish for the world, this book delivers a strong message. Rhyming text and pretty illustrations make this book a must have for winter holiday read.

winter books for kids

27. Ten Ways to Hear Snow

This is a cozy story of what all beautiful, lovely things can be done on a chilly, winter day only if we really pause and listen. It is a calm, loving read for young kids aged 2 and above.

winter books for kids

28. When Winter Comes: Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods

Think winters are soundless affairs in the animal kingdom? This book will take you on a forest exploration during the cold winter month and help you see the buzzing life of the winter woods.

winter book for kids

29. Owl Moon

This beautifully illustrated book is just a perfect winter night read for kids. It is the story about a little girl who goes looking for night owls with her father. The character portrayal and lyrical description on the North American landscape will leave you mesmerised.

winter books for kids

30. The Shortest Day

This is a warm, lovely book about winter solstice and the cultural practices associated with it around the world. The story beautifully weaves science and culture, bringing out a masterpiece.

winter books for kids


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