22 April is Earth Day — it presents the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about environment and how human activities have deteriorated the health of the planet we call home. It is special day to celebrate Earth and ponder over how we can heal the planet.

Teaching kids to take care of their environments is a big step forward in conserving Mother Earth. Take time and engage in meaningful Earth Day Activities for kids. Read to your kids about the planet and why it needs special love and attention. 

These Earth Day books for kids will help your children understand the upmost importance of conserving the environment and give them hope. They will broaden your child’s mind and encourage them to think of creative solutions. They’ll also egg kids on to engage in outdoor activities, which is much-needed these days!

Most importantly, these inspiring reads will enable them to believe in themselves and how their actions, howsoever small, can bring about the change.

Earth Day & Nature Books for Kids

1. The Lorax

“The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss is a classic book in this category that explores the subject of environmental destruction in a playful manner. The story ends on a hopeful note and delivers a strong message of how every child can make a difference.

Earth day books for kids

Printed on recycled paper, The Lorax is quintessential book in its category. Loved by children and adults, this book has even been adapted into an equally delightful animation movie for kids.

2. I Can Save The Earth!

Join Max, the cute, furry green monster, who learns a lesson in conserving the environment and in turn teaches kids how to be planet saviors themselves. 

Earth day books for kids

A perfect read for kids, 4years and above, “I Can Save The Earth” will impart important lessons on 3Rs and help your children see the wider picture. 

3. Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green

What a lovely book to teach how little actions can have a BIG impact on the Heath of our planet! This book tackles serious issues like pollution, water conservation and planet protection in a light, kid- friendly manner with a touch of humour.

Earth day books for kids

Brilliant illustrations and relatable plot, makes this Earth Day book for kindergarteners is a worthy read for kids 4years and above.

4. Earth Day Every Day

“Earth Day Every Day” delivers a strong message on sustainability and environmental conservation to young children. True to its title, it teaches kids simple acts, which when done everyday, can contribute to the well being of our planet. At the very least, it inspires them to take up gardening.

Earth day books for kids


5. Thank You, Earth – A Love Letter to Our Planet

This is a beautifully written book, packed with equally stunning photographs that will help kids appreciate the bounties and gifts of nature.

Earth day books for kids

Winner of the Green Prize for Sustainable Literature, “Thank You, Earth – A Love Letter to Our Planet” lays concepts of science, nature, geography, biology, poetry, and community to make it an impactful read for kids 4 years and above.

6. What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet

This is an informative Earth Day book for kids who are ready to delve deep into the issue of environmental protection. Packed with facts and information, it will amaze your kids (and you!) and bring awareness on how our small actions influence the planet.

Earth day books for kids

Suitable for kids, 7years and above, this book will bring the necessary awareness to help conserve the environment.

7. Not for Me, Please! I Choose to Act Green

This captivating Earth Day book for kids explores recycling in a clever, child friendly manner. Luke, an ordinary boy, like most of the kids of his age pays little attention to saving the environment until he is surrounded by trash.

Earth day books for kidsAppalled, he then chooses to act responsibly and becomes a planet warrior. A cute story that is sure to inspire your kids and help them do their bit for the planet, this picture book will appeal to kids 6 years and above.

8. Window 

This wordless Earth Day book for preschoolers will take your kids on time travel and discover the impacts of human activities as observed by a baby through a window.

Earth day books for kids

This picture book for kids will encourage them to ponder over human impact on the environment. 

9. The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever

This is a biography of Katherine Olivia Sessions – an American botanist, who transformed the dry, desert town of San Diego into a lush green city that we know of today.

Earth day books for kids

It is an inspirational book that will help your kids see power in their dreams and encourage them to strive. Suitable for kids, 6years and above.

10.Captain Green And The Plastic Scene

This lighthearted Earth Day book for kids addresses the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans in a fun yet powerful way.

Earth day books for kids

Captain Green is on the mission to save sea animals from plastic pollution and on the way inspires kids to be superheroes themselves. Recommended for kids 4years and above. 

11. What Does It Mean To Be Green

This book is the winner of Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Children’s Picture Book and Santa Monica Public Library’s Green Prize for Sustainable Literature. Earth day books for kids

It is an enabling read to help children understand what going green really means and how they protect and save natural resources. Suitable for kids 5 years and above.

12. A Cool Drink of Water

This educational book marries National Geographic photographs with poetic treats to bring the subject of water conservation to life.

Earth day books for kids

The book explores different cultures around the world and their struggles to conserve this life resource. Highly recommended for kids 5years and above.

13. You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Clean Water!

This is another Earth Day book for kids that addresses the issue of clean water and water scarcity. It is an informative read that does not bore its readers.

Earth day books for kids

Its comic style illustration coupled with a dash of humour makes it an interesting read for kids, 8years and above.

14. Compost Stew

Wondering how to introduce compost making to your kids? This book is a good start and addresses the audience as young as 4 years old. Easy to understand text with bright, colourful illustrations will keep your kids hooked onto this Earth Day book.

Earth day books for kids

15. One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and The Recycling Women of The Gambia

This is a gem of a book that brings to life the inspiring real story of Isatou Ceesay – the woman who changed the way plastic bags ended – in a heap of rubbish.

Earth day books for kidsBeautifully illustrated, this book is sure to move kids and aspire them to do better for their planet.

16. Heal the Earth

A heartwarming book, Heal the Earth, comes with a powerful message – Care for the planet and for fellow human beings.

Earth day books for kids

This fabulously illustrated book packs adventure, love for the planet and respect for each other. A true treasure for kids, 3 years and above.

17.Compost: A Family Guide to Making Soil from Scraps

You will never look at kitchen and garden waste the same way again after you have read this book. Packed with information and stickers, it is a truly delightful book for kids.

Earth day books for kids

It gives hands-on information about composting and starting your own compost bin. Highly recommended!

18. Go Easy on Energy

A wonderful book on energy and it’s not so pretty aspects, this Earth Day book for kids will help your child see the dirty picture of energy generation for a good reason – to conserve it! It is suitable for children 5years and above.

Earth day books for kids

19. Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf

This is a powerful book that is bound to inspire your kids. The story is about a little girl who was devastated by the Gulf oil spill. But what set her apart was her willingness to help and take action.

A great book to teach the power of our actions, Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf is a must read.

Earth day books for kids

20. My Friend Earth

This is a spectacular book and an absolute treat for the eyes! It celebrates the beauty of the natural world and comes with a thoughtful message. Poetic and engaging, My Friend Earth is certain to captivate your young reader.

Earth day books for kids

21.101 Small Ways to Change The World

This book comes with 101 doable and practical ideas to change the world and inspire kids to be the change makers. Aimed at transforming thoughts to action, this book lists numerous ways your child (and you!) can transform the world.

Earth day books for kids

From taking care of the planet to caring for others and yourself, this book is kid friendly guide to think big and make a difference to the world through small, conscious acts. 


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