These simple science experiments are perfect for a rainy day or when you just need a quick and easy activity idea to keep the kids busy for an hour or so. They don’t need much prep or thought beforehand and are easy to set up and explain.

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Simple Science Experiments for Kids

Magic Milk Experiment

Try a fun magic milk experiment. Younger children will love watching the colours shoot across the surface of the milk while older children can use the experience to learn about emulsions.

Magic Milk Experiment - easy science for kids
Magic Milk Experiment

Easy Rain Gauge

Monitor rain fall with an easy rain gauge. All you need for this one is an empty plastic bottle, scissors and somewhere outside to leave it.

Make a Naked Egg

This one requires a bit of forward planning, but did you know you can remove the shell from an egg with vinegar? Simply leave an egg soaking in vinegar for about 48 hours and you should be able to rinse off the shell. Once you have a shell-less egg, see if you can bounce the egg without it breaking.

Naked Egg - science trick

How Tall?

Find out how many of your own feet tall you are. Try this for all the members of your family and see if you can spot a pattern.

How do Polar Animals Stay Warm in Winter?

Discover how animals stay warm in cold climates using just cold water, a glove and some lard.

How do animals stay warm in winter - winter science for kids

How Fast is your Reaction Time?

Test your reaction time using just a ruler. Can you test your friends and record their results too? How do you think could you improve your reaction time?

Human Body Drawing – simple science experiments

Ask a friend to draw around you on a giant sheet of paper. How many body parts can you add to the drawing?

Snow Volcano!

If you want to make a volcano, but don’t want the mess a snow volcano is a super simple alternative. Build a volcano shape around a plastic water bottle using snow. Add your explosive ingredients and then tidy away the snow afterwards.

Baking soda snow Volcano
Snow Volcano

How do germs spread?

Find out about Florence Nightingale and how to keep hands clean with this super simple activity using hand soap and glitter.

Ice Excavations

Ice excavations can keep children busy for hours as they try to rescue a toy. Experiment with salt and warm water to see which help the ice to melt the fastest.

LEGO Ice excavation - sensory science for kids

Shadow Drawing

Try drawing 3D shadow shapes outdoors on a sunny day. You should find the shadow changes as the the day progresses and the sun moves. Try drawing a shadow of the same shape every 2 hours during the day. What happens?

Build a Raft

Build a raft using different materials and test to see how well it floats. How much weight can you add before your raft sinks

Make Fossils

Make your own fossils using clay and small toy figures and learn about Charles Darwin at the same time.

Easy dinosaur fossils made with clay and a toy dinosaur

Colour Mixing Slushy Drinks

Test your colour mixing skills by making slushy drinks with coloured ice. Different colour smoothies work really well for this one.

Candy Towers

Build towers with blocks or sweets to learn about stable structures. This is also a fun activity for learning about earthquakes!

Earthquake Science Experiment - Candy towers

Density Jar – Simple Science Experiments

This very easy density jar is great for introducing the concept of density as well as sinking and floating.

Density jar made with oil and water to show oil floating on the top of water.

What Reacts with Baking Soda?

Try some super simple chemistry by testing different substances to see which react with baking soda.

Make Red Cabbage Indicator

Making your own indicator is easier than you think. All you need is a red cabbage, water and some substances to test.

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