Wondering how to keep your children busy without overspending on toys or organizing play dates? Worry not! Here is our hand-selected list of science activities for kids to keep them constructively engaged and excited. What’s more is that all these activities and experiments can be fueled from your pantry (or your kids’ home lab). No supermarket trip necessary.

20 Science Activities and Experiments for kids

science activities for for kids, STEM activity1. Magical Coin: This is a great science activity for kids of all ages. Take a coin and place it on a table. Put a clear plastic glass over the coin. Look at the coin from the side of the glass. Can you see it? You will be able to see it. Now fill water in the glass and try to spot the coin again from the side. Is it still there? Ta-da!! The coin has disappeared.

2. Bending Water: Amaze your child by asking if they can bend water from a tap? Take a balloon and inflate it. Rub the balloon on a blanket vigorously. Now bring this balloon near the stream of water flowing through the tap (Make sure not to touch the balloon with water). The water will bend towards the balloon. A simple but exciting STEM activity for kids, indeed!

3. Paper in the Bottle: This one is endless fun for kids. Take a small piece of paper (~2”X2”) and crumble it into a ball. Now put this crumbled paper ball on the mouth of a plastic bottle, while holding the bottle parallel to the ground.

Ask your friends to blow the paper into the bottle, without touching their mouths on the bottle. Can they do it? The paper ball will fly out instead of going inside the bottle.

4. Huff and Puff: Take a rectangular paper sheet and fold it into half, width-wise. Now place it on a table resembling an inverted V. Blow through the paper. What happens? Magical right? Simply awesome science activity to amaze your children and friends!

science activities for kids, STEM activity

5.Egg in a bottle: This is magical science activity for kids. For this super cool trick, you will need an empty glass bottle and a boiled egg. Place the bottle upright on a table and peel off the shell from the egg. Now try to see if you can put the egg into the bottle. The egg goes only halfway through.

Now light a few matchsticks and drop them into the bottle. Wait for a few seconds, before putting the egg on the mouth of the bottle again. As the fire goes off, the egg magically slips into the bottle.

6. Sticky Water: What happens when you turn a glass full of water upside down? It falls, right? Make the water stick to the glass with this awesome STEM activity. Take an old playing card or cardstock big enough to cover the mouth of a glass.

science activities for for kids, STEM activity

Fill your glass with water and cover it with cardstock. Pressing onto the cardstock firmly, rotate the glass till it is upside down in one quick motion. Now, take your hand away without disturbing the cardstock. The water will not fall but stick to the glass and cardstock.

7. Magical Milk: This is endless fun though does lead to wasting milk. So, you might want to be mindful here. Take some milk in a wide mouth bowl. Add food coloring to the milk using a dropper…you would want to use different colors for a better effect.

Now, take a cotton swab and dip it’s end in a dish soap. Touch this tip on the milk. You will be amazed to see what happens. No wonder, this science activity for kids is favourite with everyone!

8. Bouncy Egg: Make an ordinary egg into a bouncy ball with this simple STEM activity. Take an egg and submerge into a jar of vinegar. Make sure the vinegar completely covers the egg. Leave the egg in vinegar for a week.

After a week, take out the egg. Gently rub the egg shell till it falls off. You will find that the egg has turned rubbery and soft. Try dropping it from a short distance…it bounces!!

9.Balloon Amplifier: All you need for this experiment is a balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie a knot. Ask your friend to make a tapping noise with fingers.

Now holding the balloon close to your ear, ask your friend to make the same sound on the balloon. You will be able to hear it louder this time.

10. Floating Eggs: This is a really cool experiment that amazes children every time. Take a tall glass and pour water in it. Drop a raw egg to see if it floats. Any normal, fresh egg will sink to the bottom. Now, can you make the same egg float?

Try this. Take out the egg from the water and keep it aside. Add around 5-7tablespoons of salt in the water and stir till it dissolves. Now place the egg in this salty water and see what happens – It floats!!

11. Make your own Soda: Ever wondered how cola manufacturers add bubbles (fizz) to their soda? Well, you can do it too. All you need is a lemon, baking soda and some water.

Squeeze lemon juice in a glass. Add water to the juice in the same quantity as the juice. Do not over dilute. Finally, add a teaspoon on baking soda to your mixture and stir. See that fizz? Your own soda is ready!!

12. Flying Paper Clips: This is fun! Gravity defying experiment requires a strong neodymium magnet and lots of paper clips. Take a sheet of card stock and hover it above (2-3inches) the pile of paper clips. Now, put the neodymium magnet on the cardstock and move it above the paper clips. The paper clips will fly and stick on to the cardstock.

13. Witch’s Cauldron: This one is loved by all children. All you need is dry ice and hot water. Take a pot resembling a cauldron. If you don’t have one, take any container of your choice. Put dry ice in the container and pour hot water over it.

Be amazed as the cauldron starts bubbling and giving out clouds of fog.

science activities for for kids, STEM activity14. Dancing Stick Man: A simple experiment that can keep your children busy for hours. All you need is a glass plate and a dry erase marker. Draw a stick man on the plate with the dry-erase marker. Pour water on the plate and gently swirl the water. Watch your stick man dance as the water swirls.

15. Floating Paperclip: This is an awesome experiment but it may require some practice to get it right. Take a paper clip and try floating it in a bowl of water. It will sink.

Now, take a tissue paper about the size of 3”X2”. Gently put the tissue on the water surface. Carefully put the paper clip on the tissue without disturbing the water.

Here is the tricky part. With a help of a pencil that has an eraser on the top, try pushing the tissue in the water using the eraser end. With a few trials, the paper tissue will sink leaving the paper clip floating on the surface.

16. Quick Sand: Make your own quick sand at home. All you need is corn flour and water. Mix corn flour with water in a big deep dish. The quick sand is ready. If you stir it, it becomes liquid and flows. Punch it, it will act as solid. Take it in your hands and press it between your fingers…it will solidify and once you release it, it will flow like water. Crazy!

science activities for for kids, STEM activity17. Dancing Ghost: This one is sure to spook out your children, in a fun way! Take a face tissue and cut out a small ghost shape from it. Make sure to use single ply of the tissue paper. The lighter the paper, better it is. Using a market, make spooky eyes on the ghost cutout.

Next, blow up a balloon and tie it. Rub the balloon on your hair really fast for about 20seconds. Bring this balloon close to the ghost. You will see your ghost fly towards the balloon. Spooky indeed!

18. Make Gross Gunk: Make disgusting snot with this easy experiment and let your children have some dirty, filthy fun. You will need gelatin, corn syrup and boiling water to make fake gunk. Add three teaspoons of gelatin to half a cup of boiling water.

science activities for for kids, STEM activity

As the mixture begins to cool, stir it with a fork. Add quarter cup of corn syrup to this mixture and stir it with a fork. Snot will start to form now. Add water as the concoction to cools and stir it to get desired consistency. Freak out your friends with this fake, yucky snot!

19. Make Lightening at Home: This is one experiment we all did as kids. All you need is a dark room and a blanket, preferably velvet or fur. Invite your child inside the blanket in a dark room. Ask them to rub their nails fast on the blanket. They will be able to see sparks…that’s lightening!

20. Keep Paper Dry under Water: A really fun water experiment to do this with kids, this one just needs paper, a transparent bowl and a glass. Ask your children if they can keep a paper dry in water.

Take up the challenge and show them how you can keep paper dry in water. Scrunch a sheet of paper and put it at the bottom of the glass. With a quick motion submerge the glass to the bottom of the water container, keeping the glass straight all the time.

Pull the glass out and check the tissue – It is absolutely dry!


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