Over the many years I’ve been writing Science Sparks, Autumn has always been my favourite season to design themed activities for. I love the colourful leaves, dark nights, cooler weather and of course the run up to Christmas is always exciting too! This collection of fall science experiments and activities makes me smile every time I read it and hopefully has something to excite kids ( and adults ) of all ages.

Brilliant Fall science experiments for kids -  pumpkin lava lamps, LEGO models, tree activities, leaf chromatography and more easy #autumnscience #fallscience #scienceforkids #seasonsactivities

Fall Science Experiments for Kids

First up is this lovely leaf chromatography experiment from Playdough to Plato.

Fall Kitchen Science Experiments

Learn about changes of state in the kitchen by making toffee apples and treacle toffee. Which is your favourite?

Make spiced apple cider and learn about filtering at the same time.

Spiced Apple Cider - Image from Snackable Science
Image taken from Snackable Science

Try some apple bobbing. Do you know why apples float on water?

Fall Sensory Science Activities

Get creative indoors or out with some lovely autumn themed ice. You could try adding a little salt ( be careful as this makes the ice feel much colder ) to melt it faster or use a pipette to drop warm water over the surface.

autumn leaves frozen in ice

Use leaves to make prints in play dough.

Get messy with some Autumn gloop. Can you scrunch the cornflour up into a ball? Do you know which properties of cornflour and water make it a Non-Newtonian fluid?

Autumn gloop - autumn science for kids

Have some sensory fun with blackberry playdough, from Rainy Day Mum.

We love this beautiful autumn sensory table from The Imagination Tree.

Autumn sensory table

Have some more sensory fun and explore colour mixing with this beautiful shaving cream autumn leaf marbling activity, also from The Imagination Tree.

More activity ideas for autumn

Can you model the changing seasons with LEGO?

LEGO model of the seaons - LEGO science for kids

Try some autumn themed weighing and measuring with pumpkins.

Pumpkin activity for autumn

Find out how much water vapour is released by a leaf from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

Have some fun in the forest estimating the height of trees.

How tall isa tree?

Science crafts for autumn

Make some leaf rubbings and think about different textures, a lovely idea from Red Ted Art.

leaf rubbings craft for kids

Try these fun activities with sticks and leaves.

Fun forest crafts for kids

What about trying an Autumn version of this floating art experiment from Learn with Play at home.

Activity ideas for Halloween

If you’re having a Halloween party we’ve got some great ideas to make it a memorable one and some fun Halloween science experiments too.

scary pumpkin image

I’ve also got a fun collection of ideas for outdoor science in the forest you might like.

Do you have any more fall science experiment or craft ideas for us?

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Awesome autumn science experiments for kids -  pumpkin science, trees, leaves and more easy autumn science for kids #autumnscience #fallscience #scienceforkids #seasonsactivities

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