If you asked my son what his favourite all time science experiments are, he’d probably say the bottle rocket, followed by his candy house, so today we’ve got some great candy experiments and activities for you to try at home.

These easy science experiments with sweets are great for using up leftover sweets after Halloween or Christmas or just whenever you fancy doing a special science investigation.

Awesome candy science experiments for kids
Candy Science Experiments

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Easy Candy Experiments for Kids

Candy Towers

How about building some super simple candy towers? We used liquorice allsorts ( not sure if they’re a UK thing ) but any sweets with flat sides work well.

Candy Towers - STEM Challenge for Kids

Candy Chromatography

Candy chromatography is great fun and you can eat the sweets afterwards ( just minus a bit of colour ).

Candy chromatography experiment using skittles and filter paper.

Make a DNA model

Create an edible DNA model. Our next challenge is to make a super long version!

DNA model made with sweets - edible DNA model

Sorting Sweets

Make a mixture of different types of sweets and then sort them by shape/size or colour and create a DUPLO bar chart to show your results.

LEgo Bar chart
DUPLO Bar Chart

What makes popping candy pop?

Find out what makes popping candy pop!

Popping Candy

Can you dissolve a marshmallow?

Try dissolving marshmallows in this fun activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Design and build your very own candy house!

Build a candy house and test for the best kind of ‘cement’.

candy house for a candy science experiment
Candy house
Sweetie house

Another similar idea is to build a Gingerbread House.

Candy Structures

Towers made from marshmallows and spaghetti are one of those candy science experiments most people have tried and loved. Use gum drops and tooth picks to make it slightly different and possibly a bit less sticky.

3D shapes are also fun to create this way.

spaghetti and marshmallow structures

You could also use a candy tower for an earthquake investigation!

Tower made from gummy sweets and toothpicks in a flapjack foundation ready for an earthquake investigation
Candy and toothpick structures for an Earthquake Investigation Experiment

Skittle Science

Add some skittles to water and watch what happens, can you see the colours seep into the water? Does the ‘S’ separate from the sweet? Everyone loves the infamous skittles experiment!

Skittles Experiment - skittles in water as a fun candy science experiment

Grow your own rock candy

Did you know you can make your own rock candy by growing sugar crystals?

Rock candy made for a candy experiment
rock candy – candy experiment

More Candy Science Experiments

Housing a Forest has some great ideas with Pixi Stix.

Can you blow up a balloon with pop rocks like Steve Spangler?

Wish your sweets were bigger? If you put them in water they will grow, but they might not taste as good.

Sweets which have been expanded with water

We made a filter for toys, but a candy filter would be great fun!

Try testing your candy for reactions in this fun activity from Inspiration Laboratories.

Practice making predictions with this great sink or float candy experiment from Reading Confetti.

What are your favourite candy science experiments?

collage of different candy science experiments including a candy house, skittles experiment and candy tower
Candy Science Experiments


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