We live in a technology driven world. With technology guiding our lives nearly at every step, it only makes sense to introduce the same to our kids. And what better way than to add some tech toys to their playpen!

Here at Kidpillar, we strongly believe in the power of screen-free games and outdoor learning activities for children more than gadgets and iPads. But I also believe that smartphones won’t make our kids dumb. This is the age of information, and there are umpteen videos, podcasts, and games that give children valuable scientific knowledge while also improving their spatial skills and fine motor skills.

That said, choosing a tech toy that really is beneficial and contributes constructively to your child’s development ain’t an easy task. Endless options coupled with clever marketing has made choosing a toy trickier than ever! Unless you have done your research, you are likely to buy a toy that lands atop your child’s toy-fill.

Here are our picks of the best tech toys, which are educational, entertaining and most importantly will have your children coming back to them again and again. Have a look!

Best Tech Games for Kids

1. 3Doodler Start

This tech toy lets your little artist bring her ideas to life in 3D. The set comes with kid safe doodle pen, non-toxic plastics and creative templates to get your child started. It is a great way to improve spatial reasoning, engineering and analytical skills. Suitable for kids 6-year-old and above.tech games for kids

2. TOMLOV LCD Digital Microscope

This easy to operate and assemble, digital microscope will set your kids on the road to discovery. Perfect for exploring plant structures to repairing printed circuit boards, this is the perfect STEM toy for kids.

tech toys for kids

3. R.E.V Battle Pack 

Take car racing to the next level with this amazing tech game for kids. It enables your child to control the car through an app…and is more like actually driving a toy car. Now how cool is that! Suitable for kids 8years old and above.

tech toys for kids

4. Squishy Circuits

A great way to start with insulators, conductors and the basics of electric circuits is through clay enabled squishy circuits. Your child will simply love moulding the almost-magical-clay and transforming it into electric circuits. Great for kids 8years and above. tech games for kids

5. Cubelets Robot Blocks

Searching for a tech toy for kids that is nifty at teaching coding basics? Look no further! Cubelets lets your child as young as 4years old make its own robots using its handy blocks. Packed with a camera, sensors and bluetooth, this indeed is a smart tech toy.

tech games for kidsFor more coding toys (and everything else related to coding) check out our Guide to Coding for Kids.

6. Hot Wheels id Smart Track

Just imagine gamifying hot wheels and what you get is this smart, addictive race game! Loaded with features and missions, this game is far from just a kiddie play. It is suitable for 8-year-olds and above.tech games for kids

7. Pictionary Air

Reinvent the classic game of Pictionary with Pictionary Air. This game challenges you to draw in air using augmented reality! It is the tech game for family game nights.

tech games for kids

8. ThinkFun Circuit Maze

Learn all about circuits and how to make them with this challenge based game. With 60 challenges, it aces your child from beginner to an expert. This cool tech toy for kids is perfect for your budding engineer.

tech toys for kids

9. Play-dough Touch Shape to Life Studio

Bring your child’s play-dough creations to life with Play-Dough Life studio. Scan their play-dough mural and watch them come alive on your i-pad! Just the right toy for 3-year-olds and above.

tech games for kids

10. Marbotic Smart Numbers and Letters

This cool tech toy is perfect for young kids – 3 years and above. This tech-enabled toy will make learning math, reading and writing fun and engaging.

tech toys for kids

11. Think & Learn Rocktopus

This pre-school tech toy introduces your little one to the world of music. It comes with 15 musical instruments, helping your child create music with just a press of a button.

tech games for kids

12. Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

This super-hero inspired tech toy is certainly one of our favourites. Your kids get to build their very own interactive gauntlet while exploring tech, coding and engineering. With more than 18 in-app activities, Avengers Hero Inventor Kit makes for a great gift for every 8-year-old (and above).

tech games for kids

 13. VTech Write & Learn Creative Centre

This tech toy is just the tool you need for your hesitant pre-schooler who hates writing. With its animated demonstrations, it makes learning and writing fun and is far cry from boring pattern writing.

tech toys for kids

14. Flycatcher smART Pixelator

This is a great enhancement over the previous pixel toys. With technology coming to aid, it lets your child create any scene by uploading an image in its app.

tech games for kids

Did we miss any awesome toys? Do let me know in the comments!


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