With technology dominating our lives from work to entertainment, I wonder if we can survive the old fashioned way (or raise successful kids). The way when technology was part of our lives but, did not rule it. That was the childhood I enjoyed. I had few electronic toys, no screens and lots of fun games, which required me to team up. 

electronic-free games

Electronic-free games are great at nurturing social skills. Instead of looking for a stranger to play with online, these tech-free games require children to find a buddy. Thus, nurturing their social skills. No wonder teamwork came naturally to us!

What makes these tech-free games more important than ever is our addiction with screens and technology. You don’t want to raise children who are dependent on their tablets to entertain them! Neither would you want them to be constantly burying their faces behind screens. And you want to improve their gross motor skills beyond stubby fingers and a hunchback.

Here are a few electronic-free fun games for your kid to fall in love with: 

1. Dobble: A great concentration building game for children 5years and up. It comes with as many as 5 variations to play. A sleek card game, Dobble doubles up as a perfect travel game as well.

2. Scramble Junior: This game has been redesigned to suit the developing literacy capabilities of younger children. Children can pick a ton of literacy skills over a 15minutes game of scrabble junior. It is one electronic-free game every family must have.

3. Air Hockey: A fast paced game suited for children who love to get competitive. Another plus for air hockey is that it is great at keeping high-energy children engaged. 

electronic-free games

4. Sequence Letters: If you are looking to build memory, matching and visual skills, look no further. Sequence Letters is the game you need. It has been modified to suit younger audience, aged between 3-6years.

5. Othello: This classical game which all of us have played, is still quite a hit with children. Critical thinking, strategy execution and planning are a few of the skills this game targets. It is suitable for children 4+years.

6. Foosball: A great game to build hand-eye coordination, foosball is everyone’s favorite. The only drawback is it is too addictive. It is apt for high-energy children. Age: 4+years

7. Chinese Checkers: Get into healthy competition over a game of Chinese Checkers with your little one. It teaches planning and execution skills and is seriously entertaining. Age: 5+years

8. Twister: This family game is sure to get your child moving. Flex those muscles and engage in endless giggles as you bond over this classical game. Age: 4+years

9. Jenga Jr.: This game tests collaboration coupled with competitive spirit. Also great at building fine motor skills, this game is a must for every family. I often play this game alone to see how high I can stack the tiles. Plus it also has a therapeutic element to it.

10. Darts: This age-old game can never go wrong at entertaining young and old alike. This game requires great hand-eye coordination skills coupled with focus and concentration skills. 

11. Mini Basketball: Hang a Mini Basketball hoop on a door or a wall and you are ready to have dunking fun at home. A great game to channelize excess energy into something constructive. 


electronic-free games

12. Guess Who: Get little minds working with this fun thinking game.  This mystery game requires children to think and make a guess. Thus, sharpening their reasoning and critical thinking skills. Suitable for children 5+years.

These games are certain to bring your family together and guarantee oodles of FUN! Be prepared for riots of laughter, healthy competitive spirit and team building.

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