We all have read Harry Potter books and watched the movies countless times. These books have left millions spell-bound! With adults as well as kids in its fans club, Harry Potter Would You Rather… questions are a great conversation starter and just perfect for family game nights.

And if you think you are a bigger Potter-head than your kids, we challenge you to a game of Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions! Make no mistakes, some of these questions are rather tricky and will really test your knowledge of the wizarding world.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

These crowd pleasers will make your kids ponder over Harry Potter books and offer an interesting way to discuss the books, without making it a boring activity! While some of these Would You…Rather Questions will put you in a spot, others will make you laugh! This list of some tough and some easy Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions is a complete fun, family game that everyone will enjoy!

(And don’t worry if your kids are not fans of Harry Potter, but love these silly funny questions, we have got another great list of Would You Rather… questions for them!)

Best Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather eat Bertie Bott’s every flavour Vomit bean or Earwax flavour bean?

2. Would you rather fight with three-headed dog or Hungarian Horntail dragon? 

3. Would you rather have Ron or Hermione as a friend?

4. Would you rather have Elder wand or Invisibility cloak?

5. Would you rather be a pro at Transfiguration or Apparition?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

7. Would you rather spend every weekend with the Malfoys or have Christmas with Argus Filch for the next 10 years?

8. Would you rather have Buckbeak or Fawkes as a friend?

9. Would you rather vomit slugs or have your farts sounded like the crying of Mandrake root?

10. Would you rather save Fred or Lupin in the Battle of Hogwarts?

11. Would you rather spend Christmas at the Burrow or at Hogwarts?

12. Would you rather spend a day in detention with Snape or at Dursley’s? 

13. Would you rather be born as a pure blood or a gifted mud blood?

14. Would you rather study at Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?

15. Would you rather be a ghost of Moaning Myrtle or Peeves?

16. Would you rather spend a day at Hogsmeade village or Diagon Alley?

17. Would you rather be the house ghost of Ravenclaw or Gryffindor?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

19. Would you rather be a metamorphmagus like Tonks or animagus like Sirius? 

20. Would you rather have Dudley Dursley or Grawp as a cousin?

21. Would you rather read Daily Prophet or Quibbler?  

22. Would you rather babysit a screaming Mandrake on New Year’s Eve, or have someone spike your drink with polyjuice potion to make you look like Mad-Eye Moody on Yule Ball?

Harry Potter

23. Would you rather date Cedric Diggory or Percy Weasley?

24. Would you rather have Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasleyas your date?

25. Would you rather fight a Basilisk or a Dementor?

26. Would you rather attend Yule ball or Quidditch World Cup?

27. Would you rather tame a dragon or a hippogriff?

28. Would you rather be a seeker or a beater in Quidditch?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

30. Would you rather have Dobby or Aragogas a friend?

31. Would you rather take a term in Potions or Divination?

32. Would you rather have a fight with Aragogor a Werewolf?

33. Would you rather belost in Triwizard maze or Forbidden forest?

34. Would you rather drink Butter beer or Pumpkin juice?

35. Would you rather win a game of Quidditch or Wizard’s chess?

36. Would you rather save Dumbledore or Sirius Black from dying?

37. Would you rather be an Auror or a Quidditch champion?

38. Would you rather have Lucius Malloy as your father or Dolores Umbridge as your mother?

39. Would you rather serve detention with Snape or receive a Howler in front of your friends? 

40. Would you rather be lost in the dark forest for a night or get stuck in castle with a troll for a night?

41. Would you rather listen to Trelawney’s future predictions or listen to Fat lady singing opera?

42. Would you rather be born in Dursley Family or Malfoy family? 

43. Would you rather be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

44. Would you rather finish off Bellatrix or Nagini?

45. Would you rather have Neville Longbottom or Luna Lovegood for a best friend?

46. Would you rather steal the Dragon’s egg at Triwizard Tournament or rescue your loved one from Merpeople?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

47. Would you rather take Divination with professor Trelawney or Defence against dark arts with Gilderoy Lockhart?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

49. Would you rather have Dolores Umbridge as Hogwart’s Headmistress or Snape as Hogwart’s Headmaster?

50. Would you rather grow your arm’s broken bones for a week or wear a horcrux for a week?

51. Would you rather be able to apparate from within Hogwartsor be invisible at your will?

52. Would you rather face a Whomping Willow or Devil’s Snare?

53. Would you rather have a flying car or flying broomstick?

54. Would you spend your galleons at Honeydukesor at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?

55. Would you rather be Crabbe or Goyle?

56. Would you rather punch Malfoy in the face or have him vomit slugs every 5 minutes for an hour? 

57. Would you rather eat Vomit flavour Bertie Bott’s every flavour bean or get howler, from your family, in the great hall?

58. Would you rather own Time turner or Marauders Map?

59. Would you rather spend a week with Dudley Dursley or Kreacher, the house-elf?

60. Would you rather have Dobby or Grawp as a friend?

61. Would you rather have a doe or a stag as your patronus?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

63. Would you rather reach Hogwarts by flying your own car or board Hogwarts express? 

64. Would you rather be interviewed by Rita Skeeter or never become famous?

65. Would you rather own a malfunctioning broom or malfunctioning wand?

66. Would you rather face detention with Filch or Umbridge?

67. Would you rather have Malfoy or Neville as a partner in potions?

68. Would you rather spend a day with Dumbledore or Sirius Black? 

69. Would you rather join the Order of the Phoenix or Voldemort’s followers?

70. Would you rather come face to face with a dementor or a thestral?

71. Would you rather indulge in chocolate frogs or butter beer?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

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72. Would you rather fly on a broom or use floo powder?

73. Would you rather pass all your O.W.L’s with top grades or be the best quidditch player?

74. Would you rather eat lunch at the burrow or at three broomsticks?

75. Would you rather help Hagrid take care of the three-headed dog – Fluffy or the giant arachnid –Aragog?

76. Would you rather be confused by Confundo curve or stunned by Stupefy curse?

78.Would you rather speak parseltongue or have a mad-eye like Moody?

79. Would you rather have your future told by professor Trelawney or be able to see your past in Dumbledore’s pensieve?

80. Would you rather spend an afternoon with moaning Myrtle or with Crabbe & Goyle? 

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

82. Would you rather fly high in the sky on a broom or swim to the deep using gillyweed?

83. Would you rather have a pet owl or a pet cat?

84. Would you rather take polyjuice potion to become Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy?

85. Would you rather eat all the candiesin Honeydukes or play with all the jokes in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?

86. Would you rather be a house prefect or captain of quidditch team? 

87. Would you rather learn how to make Polyjuice potion or Veritaserum? 

88. Would you rather own a unicorn or a hippogriff? 

89. Would you rather have Crookshanks or Scabbersas a pet? 

90. Would you rather take a ride on Buckbeak or Nimbus 2000 broom? 

91. Would you rather own a Gryffindor Robe or a Quidditch Jersey?

92. Would you rather fight a giant arachnid or a mountain troll? 

93. Would you rather ride with Hagrid on his motorbike or the triple-decker Knight bus? 

94. Would you rather own the Elder Wand or the Resurrection Stone? 

95. Would you rather work for the Ministry of Magic or Gringotts Wizarding Bank?

96. Would you rather trust Hermione or Ron with your life?

97. Would you rather own a time turner or a deluminator?

98. Would you rather be a half-giant like Hagrid or part-goblin like Professor Flitwick?

99. Would you rather have Fred and George as an enemy or Draco Malfoy as a friend?

100. Would you rather have red-hair and a hand-me-down robes or be the heir of Slytherin?

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

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101. Would you rather discover new uses of Dragon’s blood or invent your own Philosopher’s stone?

102. Would you rather have a chocolate frog card on your name or have your portrait in Hogwarts headmaster’s office?

103. Would you like to spend a day at Zonko’s joke shop or at Honeydukes?

104. Would you rather give Dudley a pigtail or blow up Aunt Marge?

105. Would you rather solve a riddle or listen to fat lady’s opera to enter your dorm?

106. Would you rather spend an evening with Daniel Radcliffe or J.K. Rowling?

107. Would you rather have Gilderoy Lockhart as a teacher or never take Defense Against the Dark Arts?

108. Would you rather have Quirinus Quirrell or Trelawney as a house teacher?

Do you have any of your own to ask us? Add them in the comments!

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